During the testimony before the US Senate Armed Forces Committee, NATO Commander in Europe General Curtis Scaparrotti said that strenghtening of the Russian influence in Europe is the biggest problem both on civil and military plan, and especially in the Western Balkans.

He said that Russia uses relations with leaders of the Republika Srpska to undermine the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General Scaparrotti stressed that Russia is trying to prevent the Euro-Atlantic path of some countries in the region and added that the international community and the US will guarantee stability in the Balkans.

As reported by Al Jazeera, Scaparrotti expressed deep concern that the lack of diplomatic activity contributes to the spread of Russian influence in the Balkans, and when asked which country is the biggest problem, his answer was – Serbia.

“On re-questioning whether Serbia or the Republika Srpska, he said Serbia, as a state, but in general the Serbian population in the Balkans”, reports Al-Jazeera.

The NATO Commander stressed that the United States dropped out of sight the Western Balkans, concluding that it needs greater military, but also diplomatic engagement in the region.