Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rahoy once again showed that he is one of the greatest European friends of the Serbs and Serbia. He refused to got in May to Sofia for the EU-Western Balkans summit, because Hashim Thaci will appear there “as the president of the fake state of Kosovo”, writes the distinguished Spanish daily “El Pais”.

Rahoy will never be in the same place with Thaci, since the official Madrid does not recognize Kosovo as a state, but also because of the more controversial, criminal biography of this Albanian leader.

Rahoy’s decision to boycott Thaci comes only two months after Spain sent a “non paper” document to Brussels stating that Kosovo is an inalienable part of Serbia and that Madrid will never allow the false country to enter the European Union.

According to the “El Pais”, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain was supposed to attend the EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia on May 17, but it is quite certain that he will cancel his participation, unless organizers deny the hospitality to Thaci.

“Rahoy will not attend the EU-Western Balkans summit because he does not want to be photographed with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, since Spain does not recognize the independence of Kosovo. Catalonia has repeatedly used Kosovo’s doctrine to justify its attempt to secede from the Spanish legal system, which leads Rahoy not to participate in the summit in Sofia”, writes Madrid newspaper, adding that Rahoy does not want to be photographed with Thaci because of his controversial, criminal biography.

Well-informed sources of “El Pais” add that the President of the European Council Donald Tusk has already begun a “special mission” to persuade Rahoy to change his mind, because it is “important to maintain close ties with the Balkan countries”. At the same time, organizers of the summit in Bulgaria, which currently presides over the EU, are considering how to cheer up the Spanish Prime Minister, so they proposed that the flag of the so-called Republic of Kosovo is not visibly displayed with the flags of other countries. However, this is not enough for Spain. Madrid insists that the representatives of the Kosovo are not present at all.

Commenting on Rahoy’s decision, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that Spain has repeatedly shown that it is a true friend.

“Every honor to Prime Minister Rahoy! That is how you defend principles! Spain has repeatedly shown that it is on the side of Serbs. It did not recognize the false state of Kosovo and we have always known how to appreciate that support. This is another indicator that our diplomatic fight for Kosovo makes sense and gives results. We will continue to fight for our southern province by all diplomatic means”, emphasized Dacic.

Career diplomat Zoran Milivojevic believes that the Spanish attitude is extremely important because it relies on the Lisbon Treaty, on which rests the European Union.

“According to the article 49 of that treaty, only sovereign countries can be EU members, or candidates for membership. Because of the Spanish position, the EU did not sign SAA with Kosovo, but the European Commission did as a technical body. Therefore the so-called Republic of Kosovo is shown in the EU strategy separately, with the assertion that membership negotiations will begin when the conditions are met. All this is very important and evidence that Madrid defends its views in a principled and consistent manner. For Spain Kosovo is not a state and can not participate in the EU summit”, concluded Milivojevic.

In a letter to the EU, the Kingdom of Spain emphasized that Kosovo is inalienable part of Serbia and that at no cost will it allow a false state to enter the European Union.

The official Madrid delivered to Brussels an unofficial document (the so-called non-paper), which firmly emphasizes that Kosovo “can not be considered as a state”. This letter was sent from Madrid a week before the planned adoption of the EU Enlargement Strategy, in which Brussels treats Kosovo as a separate state, which Spain has unequivocally opposed.