Slobodan Milosevic could get a monument, street or square in Belgrade, writes Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”. On the initiative of the honorary president of the SPS, Milutin Mrkonjic, on Friday, a group of about twenty young party activists and representatives of the citizens’ association “Sloboda” submitted such request to the City Hall of the City Assembly.

This initiative, on the eve of the anniversary of the death of the former president of Serbia and the FRY (Yugoslavia) on Sunday, will be discussed by the new Commission for Monuments and the names of streets and squares, which will be formed after the constitution of the new convocation of the Belgrade Assembly. On Friday, Socialists youth handed over the proposal to the Presidency in order to have President Aleksandar Vucic acquainted with it.

SPS president Ivica Dacic also supports the initiative:

“I agree with the idea, but the final word will have the new convocation of the City Assembly,” said Dacic for “Vecernje Novosti”.

According to the daily, the idea is to make the monument in natural size, but is has not yet been worked out whether it would be of stone or bronze. So far it is also secret who will be author, and the proposal does not suggest where the monument would be placed, or which street could bear Milosevic’s name. This is left for the Commission to assess.

As the applicants explained, this act is a moral obligation and human debt to a man, a politician and statesman who has fought for national integrity until the end of his life.

“We want to preserve in this way the values he advocated for until his death,” said Jovana Dimitrijevic for the daily, who also formally handed over the initiative at the counter of the Assembly Hall.

“Three crucial facts cannot be denied to him: the conclusion of the Dayton Accords, which brought peace in BiH and creation of the Republika Srpska, Resolution 1244 with which Kosovo was retained in Serbia and the heroic defense of the Serbian people before the Hague Tribunal.”

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs and the official of SPS Zivadin Jovanovic gave support during the handing the initiative in the Assembly.

“Milosevic is, without a doubt, one of the greatest statesman of modern Serbia. He demanded only respect of the dignity of the Serbian people and he did not let anyone humiliate it. He is the symbol of advocacy for equality. He introduced multiparty in Serbia.”

Jovanovic thinks that the initiative for the monument and street may have been a bit late:

“It is also debt to Serbia. Milosevic did not fight to defeat NATO, but he defended the country from their attacks.”

Slobodan Lazarevic, president of the Association “Sloboda”, stressed that by raising a monument or giving a name to a square would be returning the people’s debt to the former president, because nobody will respect Serbia until there is a belief that the Serbs sold him:

“I believe that most of the citizens will support this and that the idea will be realized. This will prove that Milosevic was sold by people who scored points from it.”