If we do nothing with natality, we are over as a nation. Therefore, in the future, the mother who gives birth to the first child will receive 100,000 Serbian dinars (~1000 USD) at once, for the second child 10,000 (~100 USD) dinars per month for two years, for the third 12,000 (~125 USD) dinars for 10 years and for the fourth 18,000 (~185 USD) dinars per month also for a period of 10 years.

The mother who gives birth to third and fourth child will have 30,000 dinars per month from the state in the period of 10 years, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, noting that this is only one of a number of measures taken to improve the demographic image of Serbia and that he made a decision to form a Population Policy Council. President’s public address was also attended by Minister Slavica Djukic Dejanovic and Secretary General Nikola Selakovic.

“Demographic image of Serbia is devastating. Serbia currently has 6,995,808 inhabitants, and if such negative trend continues – by 2060 it will have between 3.9 and 5.5 million inhabitants”, said the president in addressing the nation. “This means that we would seize to exist both as people and a nation, we would not have national, economic nor demographic or political potential.”

President Vucic explained that we “lose” 107 people every day, that we have been losing population for 67 years, and that in the last 27 years we have a negative natural increase.

“The number of children per mother is 1.44, and for simple reproduction we need at least 0.8 more. Otherwise, we will come to the situation that in a few years we have significantly fewer inhabitants with the same number of pensioners”, said Vucic and added that no one else is guilty of this, not the US, EU, … But ourselves.

On Friday, the government adopted, according to him, population strategy and urges all those responsible to engage in its implementation.