Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said yesterday that he no longer trusts the international community, which is a guarantor of the Brussels agreement, and not just Albanians, on the issue of the formation of the Community of Serbian municipalities (ZSO).

“ZSO is talked about at every meeting. I dont trust them about anything. They have been lying to me for five years. I’ve been asking for five years and now I say ‘You are lying to me’. Not only Albanians. I didn’t trust them too much, but I did trust you from the international community”, he said, answering questions from the journalists in Prokuplje.

Vucic also recalled that Serbia fulfilled everything it signed.

“They [Kosovo Albanians] are your pet, you made them an independent state, you, the US and many European countries. How can you not persuade your pet to fulfill what it signed, and you are the guarantor of that”, he said.

Vucic said that he sees that they are not interested in this issue at all, and Albanians have certainly have never been interested in it.

“Only when there is a need to have the Serbs attacked, they are the champions”, the head of the Serbian state said adding that we are not completely without the means to oppose it.

He also said that he expect “absolutely nothing” from the Special Court for the KLA [“Kosovo Liberation Army / UCK].

He recalled that 14 years have passed since the terrible pogrom in Kosovo, killing, expulsion of Serbs and demolition of our churches, and that no one was held responsible for that.