In an exclusive interview with journalist D. Vujičić for Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti” Willy Wimmer, German politician, spoke about Kosovo’s unilateral proclamation of independence, bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, US – Russia and US – EU relationship and China.

Speaking for the daily, Wimmer said that the story about the year 2025 as the date for Serbia’s accession to the EU is running of Angela Merkel from her current office obligations. According to him, when one speaks about a problem being solved in 2025, it is clear that the person is not interesting in solving the problem.

Former spokesman of Merkel’s CDU and former vice-president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) said that Germany these days has been in a madness and, in the interview for the daily, emphasizes that the Serbian people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also believes that Kosovo is a state whose foundations have been excavated on “living sand”, pointing that the way Yugoslavia was destroyed is still being used for the collapse of the international order created by the UN Statute, the Helsinki Charter…

Wimmer said that by the Paris Act of 1990 it was promised that there will be no war on the Old Continent, and then [Bill] Clinton and [Madeleine] Albright appeared in Europe because of the global interests of the United States. Now Europe is facing the “construction” of aggression against Russia.

Reminded that back in 2000, in a letter to Gerhard Schröder after the NATO summit in Bratislava, he warned that Serbia was bombed in 1999 for the purpose of establishing US bases on its territory, Wimmer said:

“When it comes to global US policy towards Russia and others, the Serbian people are in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

He further said that Belgrade was the first “hot spot” of a great rivalry, orchestrated by the US. The 1999 war had much to do with US’ idea of destroying Russian influence in the Balkans, he said.

“By establishing the ‘Bondstill’ base the US want to control the oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea and to rule the road and rail system in the region.”

He further said that the EU wanted to have the road corridors to be in the north-south direction, and the US in the east-west direction. He added that the issue of Kosovo was and still is topic of a discussion between Israel and its neighbors about the future of the Middle East.

Speaking about Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence Wimmer said that the declaration is against all related UN documents. This is why five members of the EU does not recognize this “independence”. If they would do it, they would face the same result in their own country, which can be seen today in Catalonia, he said.

“Why would anyone legalize an illegal declaration? Kosovo as a state exists only as a result of the US intentions,” he said.

When asked about repeating that NATO collapsed the international legal order in Yugoslavia in 1999, Wimmer said that Russia is successful in Syria because it acts within the global legal system. In Syria and the region between Afghanistan and Libya, the US and its “coalition of common war friends”, such as London and Paris, are doing everything in their power to destroy the international legal order. They want to do what they want, he said, and to be in a position to make their own decisions about war and peace on a global level. According to Wimmer, the war in Syria now is underway to help the international legal order survive in order to prevent a future global conflict.

Asked about whether those who see possible “war” of Brussels with Moscow are right, Wimmer said:

“Joe Biden, former US Vice President, was very clear and specific when he asked and received European support for sanctions against Russia. The US then showed who has control over ‘Western alliance’, that is, Europe is more or less the area of colonialism with a modern look, where the domination of Washington is unquestionable.”

All European economies are suffering from sanctions to Russia, he said. However, according to him, there is no chance that EU leaders will again try to work normally with Russia – without the risk of “not surviving” in the political sense.

Speaking about Merkel and Macron’s recent announcement of a new independent European policy in relation to the US, Wimmer said that it is funny, because Trump is the one who maintains global peace, intact, or whatever it is.

“He is the US President who has not received his ‘war’, which has been ‘normal’ in 200 years of the history of that country.”

Further, he said that Europeans who welcomed all US wars since the one against Yugoslavia in 1999, were hostile to new US President for one reason – he “threatened” that he will be constructive and friendly when it comes to US-Russian relations.

“Trump is different. He does not belong to the political system of the US which failed at the polls in the last elections. That is why he was elected – said Wimmer. “Classic” Democrats and Republicans were unable to prevent the collapse of the US system through the failed infrastructure, corpses of soldiers returning from the Middle East.

Nevertheless, he said, a time when Trump is fighting for political survival in the White House, some kind of military government, a system of “top military commanders”, has global control over the world.

Speaking about financial crisis in 2007, Wimmer said for “Vecernje Novosti” that one should not forget that it was China who saved all from that crisis.

“We received financial support from Beijing, which allowed us to survive the blow from the other side of the Atlantic, which also had a goal to destroy euro. One also should not forget that China still does not have the chance that the money is being returned to it.”

According to him, things on the field look like this: every week trains from Shanghai come to Duisburg, Europe’s largest internal port. These trains, he said, connect the largest industrial zone in the world with the largest consumer market in the world. But the goal of the Chinese trains is not Duisburg but London. It is the ultimate Chinese financial destination, Wimmer concluded.