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After “InSerbia’s Last Post” we have received more than a thousand e-mails, Facebook messages and even telephone calls. They all asked “Why?” and demanded from us not to close the portal.

“It is with great sense of loss I have read that your last post was made public at the site. I discovered your site relatively late, in 2016 … You have made a real difference. Few persons have that talent and capacity. The site is brilliant and very informative about the topics of SE Europe.” – Alex

Since the questions we received were more/less the same, the answers were also the same:

– InSerbia portal has ONLY ONE mission: To be the voice of Serbia and Serbs in the World, and not to make money;

– InSerbia is NON-PROFIT and NON-GOVERNMENT organisation, and as such belongs to every Serb on the planet;

– We did not and will not accept huge donations because we do not want to be controlled by anyone. If you want to donate huge amount of money, please make it anonymous;

– Every day (yes, EVERY single day) we give at least 6 hours of our time to InSerbia. Reading feed, reading mail and mail article submissions, checking facts, approving drafts, approving comments (actually, more like deleting comments), checking the social networks, answering the questions, doing technical maintenance of the portal, … Since we are doing this for free, it is time that we cannot use to make money, so it is our loss.

– Donations were really modest, and all operational costs were paid from our own pocket. For a Serb in Serbia operational costs of almost 500 euros per month is a huge amount. To continue our work we need at least 600 euros per month: 500 for work, and 100 to start paying the debt we have (4600 euros since March 2013).

Even though we wanted to close the portal, we were really touched with so many letters of support, so we have decided to continue work – but WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP.

If every person that wrote us a letter could spare ONLY 1 EUR per month, we could continue work. If you can donate bigger sum, we can give you banner on our website as a Thank You for your donation.

As always, you can donate to [email protected] PayPal address.