Cricket, Culture, and Cash: The Legal Dilemma in India

Cricket, Culture, and Cash: The Legal Dilemma in India

The Tokyo Olympics was a morale booster for India. India’s most spectacular medal haul so far at the Maha Kumbh has not only delighted Indians but also raised hopes for better performance in the future. For a long time, it had been annoying for a section of Indians to target cricket without any reason. It … Read more

Decoding the Gambler’s Brain: The Science of Cognitive Biases

Cognitive biases in gambling are mental shortcuts that often lead to flawed reasoning or decision-making. Gambling, a prevalent activity worldwide, is a fertile ground for these biases. Understanding these cognitive biases is crucial in recognizing why gamblers make certain decisions, often against their best interest. This post delves into the world of cognitive biases, shedding … Read more

Top 3 US Social Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

Sweepstakes casinos function differently from conventional online casinos that use real money. Here’s an overview of their operational model. Sweepstakes and social casinos are digital platforms that enable players to partake in casino-style games. These platforms typically employ two virtual currencies, allowing users to engage in activities such as slots and table games online or … Read more