7 Most Common Reasons People Hire Attorneys – 2024 Guide

Being an attorney is a noble and elegant thing and is the goal of many law students filling law university amphitheaters all around the world. The mere thought of business-minded, sleek people walking the office buildings in a hurry, resolving the toughest challenges daily, seems to be a dream job for them. And yes, it’s … Read more

Most Influential Millennials Who Are Changing The World

He or she is twenty or something, uses new technologies, constantly changes jobs, doesn’t plan marriage before the age of thirty, loves making “selfies”, and meeting people online. Meet the “millennials”. Technically speaking, “millennials” are a generation of people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. They exhibit some completely specific traits comparing … Read more

Dusko Popov – legend of World War II and espionage world

Dusko Popov is a legend of World War II and espionage world, “Novosti” writes. The British claim that he is one of the ten greatest British spies. The same claim the Serbs. Thirty six books were written about him. Spy known under the codename Tricycle, who worked for the British secret service MI6, helped the king … Read more