7 Most Common Reasons People Hire Attorneys – 2024 Guide

Being an attorney is a noble and elegant thing and is the goal of many law students filling law university amphitheaters all around the world. The mere thought of business-minded, sleek people walking the office buildings in a hurry, resolving the toughest challenges daily, seems to be a dream job for them. And yes, it’s true that this is indeed a great and truly important profession, but it’s definitely not simple and it takes a lot of work on your own to become one of these professionals. These people do their best to assist individuals, within various branches of law, with their advice, procedures and initiative. Indeed, while most of us hope that we’ll never be in a situation to ask for their services, we are still grateful for their help when we need it.

To give you a closer look at the reasons why they’re hired most, we have compiled a small list of the most common situations in which we need their assistance.

1. Divorce

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Divorce is definitely one of the most difficult life stages for people who happen to go through it. It’s the time when both parties need to make the best possible decision regarding all the things they achieved together. Sometimes everything goes smoothly, and sometimes not at all – but regardless of the way of

sorting things out, the presence of an attorney is unavoidable in such cases.

All the things that need to be done, starting from signing various documents that are necessary, communication, meeting and court attendance and many more, can’t go without a professional of this kind. The purpose of the settlement is to resolve the disrupted spouse relationship without conflict – both spouses and their attorneys as their representatives are invited to the settlement. If the spouses reach an agreement related to parental rights and joint property division, the settlement will be deemed to have succeeded.

2. Custody battle

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This aspect is closely related to the previous one. Specifically, the spouses must agree on which of them the children will be entrusted to, with the purpose of practicing parental rights independently. Also, the court needs to decide how much will be paid by the other parent in the name of alimony.

If this agreement doesn’t come to fruition, then there’s a custody battle, where attorneys play one of the main roles, apart from both parents. They are mediators between the ‘warring parties’ while trying to achieve the thing because of which they’re hired.  In this situation, it’s fundamental to be able to communicate without being biased, but also show a certain amount of empathy and understand the client. And not only that – but also represent them in court and highlight their point properly.

3. Adoption

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Attorneys don’t always have to be a part of tense and bad situations only. Together with a social worker and the relevant team of experts, a professional of this type is also needed at some happier times, such as adopting a child. However, while it’s an undoubtedly beautiful thing, it still does not negate the fact that many things need to be taken into account, such as documentation, and generally going through this whole process.

Their support can mean the world to future parents, as well as their assistance in the eventual choice of the institution from which the child will be adopted. Therefore, if you have any questions or dilemmas about these processes or are unsure if you can go through it yourself, the best thing you can afford is this kind of help.

4. Business advice

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The world of entrepreneurs can be deceptive and confusing, and you should definitely have your own personal lawyer or attorney either if you’re starting your first independent business or have been in this sphere for a long time. You’ll need legal advice at some point anyway. Of course, if you run a larger company or encounter more difficult circumstances in the course of business, it’s realistic to expect that this service will cost more, but it’s really worth every cent invested. In return, you get solid support, a person who will be able to review every contract you make with potential clients or partners and take care of tax and state-related matters along with your accountant.

Also, if your company or enterprise has certain content or materials that need to be protected, patented or otherwise secured, it will be their job. A person who knows the law better than us is certainly much more professional and more able to make their own judgment and take some action when it comes to this aspect.

5. Criminal charges

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Regardless of whether you have committed a criminal offense or a misdemeanor that contravenes legal norms, or you have been wrongfully accused of something, it’s equally tough. The defendants usually decide to seek the help of a lawyer through the whole process, as the trial and the accompanying elements can be very arduous, emotional and difficult. They also do it in order to make things a little easier for themselves and to get at least a little bit of security in such a complex situation. The lawyer is the one without whose presence and advice no steps should be taken, as those can often turn against us. Therefore, in this situation, it’s of particular importance to listen to them and rely on their suggestions.

They’re there to cooperate with you, but also with the court and do their best to release you from the charges or at least reduce the sentence that lies ahead. Not only that, but they strive to protect your reputation and the quality of your life, which is why it’s also inevitable to have an open and honest relationship with them.

6. Will

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Another case where the assistance of a lawyer is inevitable is the creation of a will. All persons over the age of 18 have the right to have a document like this issued, and it serves to distribute their property to those listed in it after their death. The lawyer is there to ensure that this process is carried out in accordance with all regulations and complies with all legal norms. Not only that – it’s of the utmost importance for them to do their best to make such a document clear, concise and not to cause any confusion or misunderstanding.

Luckily, there are agencies like Foyle Legal that offer this kind of service to everyone, without any kind of discrimination. All people who want to make a will, regardless of their sexual orientation, culture or any other similar parameter are free to do it. Also, you can set up an online will at OneWill.co and ensure a peaceful future for everyone involved.

7. Personal injury

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In any case of minor or serious injury caused by another person you want to prosecute, you should also consider hiring a lawyer. The rule here is that it’s required to initiate proceedings against the person who injured you as soon as possible since there are certain time limits. The severity of the physical abuse should be assessed, and medical evidence and documentation needed must be investigated. It’s also necessary for the lawyer to be empathetic, patient and to understand the client who has previously suffered both physical and mental shock.

However, they aren’t only helping the persons affected by the incident, but also the perpetrators. When being their representatives, they’re trying to reduce the compensation the defendant will have to pay or the time they’ll have to spend in prison.