How Meditation Can Help You After A Divorce – 2024 Guide

In life, we often tend to go through changes that impact the way we feel, think and do certain things. Divorces, in general, are usually periods that are pretty tough to take both mentally and physically, because they are able to drain us from our energy in both ways.

While a divorce process is ongoing, you need to signs tons of papers, contact your lawyer, do all sorts of annoying things that nobody really likes doing, and when they pile up day after day, you can easily get frustrated and start “exploding” from the inside.

Usually, when people go through stressful periods, they tend to do all sorts of unhealthy things in order to calm their nerves. Some turn to smoke, others find their serenity in alcohol, but both cases are something that we need to avoid at all costs.

Believe it or not, the ancient civilizations knew a lot about natural medicine and other similar things that can replace even the strongest modern cures that we know of. They made all sorts of “potions” from various herbs and plants that promoted longevity, and the practiced many useful things, one of which is meditation.

In this article we are solely focusing on meditation and the amazing benefits of it, so if you are currently going through a stressful period or you’re simply curious to learn some more about meditating in general, make sure to stay with us until the end.

What is meditation?

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The process of meditating is something that needs to be practiced for a longer time before you can really “get into it”, but it’s something that can calm your nerves and help you find inner peace within yourself.

Meditation can be done anywhere, but some people, especially those that practice it a lot, believe that if you do it in nature, you can get the most out of the entire experience. This is because people who meditate also believe that we draw all of our energy from our surroundings, which should always be nature, except our modern lifestyles don’t really allow that.

How can I meditate?

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Just like we mentioned earlier, in order to start feeling like you’re actually doing something and not just sitting there with your legs and hands crossed, you need to practice for a while, let’s say a couple of months.

Now, when you get your first few seconds of actual meditation, meaning you shut off your brain completely and drift away with your thoughts, you’ll immediately feel the calming effect that it has over your body and mind.

As we said, you can do this anywhere you want, and for a start, you can even try doing it in your own room, or the nearest park.

As for the “technical” aspect of the process itself, you need to find a position in which you’re comfortable to sit for a longer period, and then it’s all about doing things with your own mind, completely forgetting about the body.

Which position can I choose?

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There are many “popular” meditating positions, and you can either search a few on Google or try to find one for yourself. Basically, it can be any position in which you are comfortable to sit for as long as you are planning to meditate, but without creating any “obstacles” for your energy to flow. This means no crossed hands or legs in an awkward position.

This is why some of the most popular sitting positions are forming some kind of a “circle” through which your energy can pass without being interrupted.

How can this help me?

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If you already learned how to meditate, you will see a lot of benefits in the following ways.

– You are going to feel less irritated by things, and you will be able to think about those things objectively and without letting your emotions cloud your decisions.

– You will feel completely rested after each session, even though you didn’t have any sleep, just a couple of minutes of uninterrupted meditation.

– You will become very spiritual and one with your body. The most important, and at the same most difficult thing to learn in life is to make your mind and bodywork together in one perfect motion. People who meditate on a regular basis know how to do this, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Am I doing it right?

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There isn’t right or wrong when it comes to meditation, and each person finds a different way that is the most comfortable for them. However, if you are a complete beginner and you don’t know anything about this, you can feel free to visit O’Sullivan Meditation and get some useful information there.

Are there any side-effects of this?

No, there aren’t any side-effect of meditation, other than feeling amazing after each session and complete Zen mode after you finally get it right the first time. It might take some practice, probably more than what you’ve expected, but don’t give up and you will soon be pretty happy with the decision you’ve made.


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Stress is the main factor for many diseases that are known to men nowadays, and in order to get relieved from stress in the right way, you need to avoid doing all those “popular stress-relief” things such as smoking and drinking.

There is just one way to get rid of your stress, and that is by controlling your emotions and thinking logically. However, you can’t really do this unless you entirely “unlock” the potential of your mind, and that can be done by constantly practicing meditation.

In tough periods such as the ones during a divorce, people can do a lot of dumb things due to all the anger, disappointment and tons of other emotions that they feel because of something that happened in the past.

If you don’t want to risk making a move that might have a lot of consequences in the long-run, or you are simply interested in improving the way you think, we recommend meditation as a very sophisticated ancient technique of bettering both your mind and body at the same time.