10 Marketing Automation Tools You Need to Use For Your Business – 2024 Guide

Knowing that most businesses today are using online platforms for promotions and communication with their clients, having a proper tool is crucial for efficiency and further development. The main point of automation tools is that they could process all types of content automatically without your actions. There are different types of automation tools, and they can be related to content marketing, email marketing, sales automation, onsite marketing, and social networks.

When it comes to marketing automation tools, you can set them up to send promotional emails, SMS, surveys, or some more advanced functions, such as providing you with insights about targeted clients, market, shares, prices. This tool is necessary for a proper marketing strategy and many other aspects of the business. Here are some of the best marketing automation tools that you need to use for your business in 2024.

1. EngageBay

Source: techaxy.com

This platform is perfect for small businesses, and it can help you to create programmed processes related to marketing and sales. EngageBay will help your brand to increase the revenue and create better conditions for lead scorings, engagements, customer service, and much more. Also, to provide you with advanced efficiency, this platform combined different features in one software, which means that you can easily follow stats, target new clients, promote new products, and more, all by using the same program.

2. Sendinblue

This software is related to WordPress based websites, and it represents a plugin that allows you to improve your email marketing. Also, there is an option to use SMS notifications. You can use this program to share emails with your customers. The benefit is that you can add some promotions and discount, and this software will automatically send it to anyone who visits your online store and fail to buy some product even in the case that it was already in the shopping cart. Another advantage is that the Sendinblue is free for 300 daily emails, while you will have to pay for a subscription of $25 per month if your business requires more than that.

3. ConvertKit

Source: emailcrush.com

Besides small businesses, this web application is also great for people who are sharing various content and blogs over their websites. The main feature is that you can analyze visitors or customers by their behavior on your website and target them with different types of content. The price for this program is $25 per month, and there is an excellent feature where you can get a two weeks’ free trial without the need to provide your credit card number.

4. ChatBot

Every company must have reliable customer support, but we know that it can be complicated to provide 24/7 support as an owner of a small business. Therefore, ChatBot might be the best solution. The great benefit of this software is that you could get into the conversation with the client for providing some additional information about your products. Also, this system can schedule appointments, calls, bookings, and more. The monthly subscription for ChatBot is $50.

5. Intercom

Source: limecall.com

Intercom is another tool that you can use for communication with clients. This live chat can also send other content besides messages, such as links, videos, photos, and more. Also, while it might seem as complicated, anyone could easily learn to use all of its features. The live chat option is always great for any business, since you can improve your engagement, and potential customers will always get some additional information.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most popular automation software, and the main reason for that is the wide selection of functions available. There is a wide selection of tools that can be useful for your business marketing, such as ad management, live chat, email marketing, and pop-ups. The part of the program related to sales can track emails and send notifications to potential customers about some new deals or discounts. The only downside is the high price. The monthly subscription is $800.

7. Eloqua

Source: nicepng.com

Eloqua is a well-known solution and one of the oldest programs in this category. It offers you the ability to combine different functions like CRM integration, scoring, build landing pages, share emails, get insights, lead management, and create even-based email promotions. The main advantage is that you can create targeted promotions. However, it is also quite expensive, and you will need time to implement all of its functions to your business.

8. Encharge

The integrated system built in this software allows you to connect it with other popular business tools such as Stripe, Hub Spot, Zapier, Facebook ads, Intercom, and more. It shares many features with much more expensive options, and you can fully integrate into your business to get better statistics and strategies along with more efficient engagements.

9. Autopilot

Source: uk.pcmag.com

The main difference between Autopilot and other automation tools is that this software is used to combine features from other programs which, as a result, provides you with the ability to have better integration of tools, events API, and more. The only downside is that there is no ability to link this program with Stripe, which is essential for online stores since Stripe accepts payments with credit cards.

10. Marketo

Marketo is owned by Adobe, which is known for offering various software solutions. While the price of $1000 per month might seem too expensive, you should know that there is a chance of paying less money if you want to use only some particular services. There is a wide selection of features that you can use to improve your marketing strategy and efficiency. On the other hand, many people find its older version of the interface as a downside. Also, this software is the best for people who already have experience in using similar automation programs since the integration might seem too complicated.

Last Words

As you can see, there are al sorts of automation marketing tools, and you should choose the right one according to your business. If you are a beginner, or you don’t need some advanced functionality, the best choice should be to use some cheaper and simpler version. They all share the same point, which is to create automated functions related to content sharing, sending emails, creating charts, analyses, and more.