9 Reasons Why You Keep Losing at Online Slots – 2024 Guide

The popularity of slot games is increasing every day. The reason may be the fact that those games are easy to play, but they are also fun. They were popular in land-based casinos, and today the same thing is with online ones. If you want to try some online games, check casinofy.com, and choose from various choices.

The number of slot games is high, and there is something for everyone, and beginners can play too. Sometimes you may think that you are always losing and can’t find a reason for that. In this text, we are going to see some most common reasons that can lead to losing money instead of winning.

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  1. Not paying attention to Return To Player rate

This rate represents money that the machine is paying back. According to that, higher rates increase your chance of winning. It is sometimes hard to choose the device with the highest RTP because others can have better graphics or themes. Playing slots should be entertainment, and regarding that, you should go with the game you like, but have in mind that RTP is crucial if you want to win. Higher gains will be much more interesting than any graphics or theme.

  1. People underestimate volatility

Understanding volatility is as important as knowing about RTP rates. Choosing the machine with low-volatility can bring you many smaller wins, while a high-volatility device is rarely giving prizes, but when it is, they are much bigger. It depends on your luck and your budget, but it is always better to go with low-volatility since the chances of winning are higher.

  1. Ignoring personal bankroll

The first thing you should decide is how much money you can spend on this entertainment. Try to be realistic and spend only as much as you set aside for it. After that, decide how long you can play and how many spins you have. The truth is that the higher wins require higher bets, but it is never a good idea to put everything you have on only one spin. Try to play smart and finish the game when you want, not because you are running out of funds.

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  1. Gambling comps

For many gamblers, comps are something most satisfying while playing slots. Well, it is nice to get a free diner or even a nice hotel room, but it is not a good idea to play only to get that. That should be a bonus, not a prize you are chasing. If you calculate well, you will see that it is better to pay for your diner since you will lose a lot of money playing for it.

  1. People can fall into slots trance

It may look like a flam, but it is a real thing. Many people are falling into some trance while playing. And at that time, they are interested only in the machine and the game. That means that they are forgetting everything around them and can play for hours. There are several culprits for that, and one of them is certainly interesting music, slot theme, and rich animation. Slots are also giving small wins to cover losses, and besides the fact that players can see that they do not perceive it properly. The same thing is with payouts and fast play rate that leads to forgetting about time.

  1. You are choosing to play at too fast of a rate

Since the slots are fast games, you can lose a lot of money even if you are playing small bets. The fact is that you can play about 500 spins in only one hour. That is tempting since there is no unnecessary waiting, but fast games can cause fast losing. Comparing to a poker game that can have about ten hands for an hour, in slots, smaller bets are not guaranteeing that you will lose less money since the number of spins is drastically larger.

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  1. Trying to get out from a losing streak

Losing strake is the worse nightmare of every slot player. The worse thing in that situation is to chase winnings and try to get out from that strake. Sometimes one win can cover all losses, but in most cases, continue playing will bring only new losses. The best thing is to stop playing, cool down a little, and start some other time again. That’s the only way to keep the game entertaining and to avoid running out of money.

  1. Playing the wrong game

Since there are a huge number of various games today, it can be crucial to find a perfect one for you. It can be a difficult task, but it is best to find the right game before you start playing. The fact is that today there is a game for everyone, but they do not suit everyone the same game. For one person some games will be too difficult, while for another it will be too simple. Finding the right game will make everything more interesting, and therefore easier to win.

  1. Ignoring the advantages of bonus features

Most people are skeptical when it comes to some bonus features. The first thing that crosses our minds is that there are some hidden intentions behind everything. Well, that is not always the fact. Casinos are offering bonuses to their clients, and it can be a good thing. Of course, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions carefully, but why lose advantages when someone is offering them for free?

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Playing slots should be fun, and stress and nervousness should not be a part of it. The best way to avoid this is to play as much as it is fun and to take a break when it is no longer. It is not always possible to win, but it is also not a point to constantly lose. In case of a constant loss, change the game, or find another hobby. If you think that is impossible, seek help because, in life, you should only do what makes you happy.