How to Make a Smell-Proof Storage for Your Cannabis Products – 2024 Guide

Today we have cannabis legalized in many US states, but it is mostly for medical purposes. The weed, which has below 0.3% THC, is becoming widely legal, but there are people who are willing to go for a bit stronger storage. So, if you’re the one consuming at home but don’t want anyone to know how eager you are to do it, we are here to present a couple of ideas to you and everyone else reading this piece.

Like you probably know, marijuana has his powerful odor, which is hard to hide. It doesn’t matter if your guests are consumers or not. The latter ones will know a strange smell when they feel it, while the former is going to recognize your stash. It is a scent that is hard to miss, so it’s no wonder you are looking for a way to keep it under wraps. Most people are trying to hide the smell, or at least to make it hard to recognize. You can try with incense, as many people do, but that way, you’ll have some even weirder odor combinations and some more smoke on your premises.

The worst part is that most people know what’s going on when they smell the incense. Air fresheners are the next step for many, and they get the job done to a degree, but they can’t eliminate the presence of cannabis completely. The vaping weed process can make it feel less, but without proper storage, even this method will leave a trace. The first step towards hiding the presence of weed is to store it the right way. This is why we are here today. We’re going to lay out for you a couple of ideas on how to make a smell-proof storage for your cannabis products. Stay tuned, and improve your consummation process.

Smell Proof Weed Jars

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The mason jars have risen in popularity as more and more people started to stash their products. It’s thanks to the lid, which hard presses the top of the jar, which keeps the smells inside and prevents anything coming in. If you’re looking for the right way to preserve your cannabis, this is a great way. But, you could do better, and it is our duty to show you the way if you’re not satisfied with a simple jar, which is a see-through by the way, as Red Hot Chili Peppers would pot it. You can always buy the various type of canisters and jars available across multiple weed dispensers and online shops. One of them you can visit if you click here.

If this is what you opt for, you can get black jars, which are super protected from letting any smell in or out. They even protect your stuff from UV light, thanks to their color. We won’t even mention no one can see what is inside. You can even buy an option with a humidity pack inside to keep your cannabis at the right temperature. Furthermore, you also have aluminum canisters, which are portable and are used to stash some of it by your side without allowing anyone to smell it.

Smell Proof Weed Bags

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The option above is fantastic if you are not changing locations. But, if you’re in for a little bit of travel, you’ll need different equipment. Smell-proof weed bags should be your solution if you do not want to the car a jar all over the place. They even come in shapes of soft cases, which are ideal for weed transportation. You could easily break the pot if you leave it unattended in the suitcase.

Bags are a much better solution as they’re flexible and are intended for usage on the go. Of course, they’re ideal for travel, but don’t think they can’t be used at home. You can use them as your primary stash. Some models even come with lock zippers, making it ideal if you’re not willing to share your stuff. Many people opt for this one over the jars as they’re easier to hide and don’t take as much space.

Vacuum Sealing Weed

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Yes, it can be done. Vacuum sealing is usually used for foods you’re going to put into the refrigerator and won’t use for a while. The good news is that you can use it for anything you like, not only food; this is where cannabis comes into the pay. You can store it in vacuum bags and prevent any smell from coming in or out. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the vacuuming process will take a bit out of the bud’s quality. The good news is that aroma and fragrance aren’t going anywhere.

Vacuum sealers come in all sizes and shapes, so you can choose the ones you need depending on the amount you have to store. With this process, you’ll also keep your stuff safe from molding, which is another great benefit. Once you have sealed your goods, the best place to stash them in the refrigerator. The freezer is a bit too extreme for this type of product. Besides, it could cause some damage the product, which is not something you want to happen.

Freezing Weed

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As we said above, this is not something we would recommend, but despite our recommendation, many people still choose to freeze their cannabis. This can be done right after you vacuum it. This will keep the smell inside, but the damage it could cause is real. Once prepared for usage, you might notice cracks on the product.

Many people believe that this method prevents the aging of the weed, which is not valid. What freezing does is the stoppage of the decarboxylation process but ultimately overseeing potential moisture and mold issues that could arise. If you freeze it for an extended period, it could lose its potency, and this is why this is not recommended. But, you can do it anyway. It’s easy to do and helps you store the goods.