Dusko Popov – legend of World War II and espionage world

Dusko Popov is a legend of World War II and espionage world, “Novosti” writes. The British claim that he is one of the ten greatest British spies. The same claim the Serbs. Thirty six books were written about him. Spy known under the codename Tricycle, who worked for the British secret service MI6, helped the king and ruffled end of the German Abwehr.

He was awarded the Order of the British Empire, one of the greatest honors in England, but also the German Cross. He died in 1981 in Canada. His son, Marko Popov, received permission from MI6 to examine his father’s file at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and discover his true spy biography. “I received my father’s file from FBI, which has 2,870 pages. It was under embargo half a century. The documents show that stories about my father are true,” said Marko Popov. Reviewing the secret American documentation, he saw documents proving that Dusan Popov was the first to inform the Americans that Japanese will attack their military naval port Pearl Harbor. FBI covered up that information in 1941. Dusko Popov was born in Titel in 1912. He grew up in Dubrovnik, and went to school in England, France and Germany. He became British agent in 1940, when he was received by Sir Stewart Menzies. The British returned him to Belgrade, where he agreed to, in the restaurant “Kod Srpskog Kralja”, friend Johan Jebsen recruit him to work for Abwehr. One of the main spy links in Yugoslavia was his brother Dr. Ivan Popov, also British spy. As a mask for agency outpost they formed company “Hemorad A.C.”. Popov organized Abwehr fictious spy network, which will, until the invasion of France, send cunningly prepared data to the German General Staff that can be easily checked and look like real. After the occupation of Yugoslavia, in 1941, Popov contacted Yugoslav government in London and worked as its officer for special assignments. So he became triple agent: Tricycle for British secret service, Ivan for Abwehr and Dusko for Yugoslav government in exile. “He was communicative, charming and educated. He spoke German, French, English and Serbian. The Germans installed him as a spy in Lisbon, where he provided allies with valuable information about the activities of German intelligence and everything that was happening in the Reich. Dusko Popov greatly contributed to the success of numerous plans for deception of the Germans in World War II. The most important of these plans was “Operation Fortitude” which was designed to deceive Hitler’s command. As spy in Abwehr, he informed the Germans that the allies, in order to free Europe, would deploy troops in the Pas-de-Calais, and that the landing in Normandy was only American and English trick. Colonel Henry Julien once publicly admitted it, when he said that “Dusko is personally responsible for keeping seven German divisions in the Pas-de-Calais, three weeks after landing in Normandy”. The battle for Normandy decided World War II. Popov and MI5 have, with this deception, saved many human lives.