2024 Toyota RAV4 Safety Rating

If you consider a list of flagship automobiles produced by Toyota, RAV4 will predominantly feature in that list as it’s quite a famous American car, especially with young drivers. RAV4 is also considered a comfortable family SUV and comes with some of the best safety ratings.

Around 2019, significant changes got occasioned by a new design to the best selling American SUV, the Toyota RAV4 that introduced a new look and shape to the market. Some of the introduced changes allowed these modes to move with ease and traffic and the drivers had an easy time parking this while at parking spaces. The new RAV4 model is slightly blockier than the previous generation produced, and these made it easily align with the majority of SUVs in the market.

Another significant improvement introduced into these Toyota RAV4 models was lowering the roofline and eventually raising the ground clearance. Such modification had a significant impact on the vehicle cargo handling ability and also its off-road capabilities. Apart from the improvement mentioned above, there is a considerable improvement when I come to safety measures introduced by this model, hence increasing its safety rating significantly; below is a sample of safety ratings associated with Toyota RAV4.

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One of the top regulators in safety matters on our highways, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranked Toyota RAV4 as one of the American’s safest motor vehicles you can have on the road. The numerous tests conducted by the body, as mentioned above, that is well known for giving mean ratings, surprised many by rating Toyota RAV4 good in all the safety tests it conducted on the vehicle. In all the six crash tests performed on the Toyota RAV4, these models received a “Good” rating signaling the model improved and high safety measures getting implemented.

Consequently, when it comes to the front crash prevention system for such SUVs, most car models in this category were rated either primary, but when it comes to RAV4, the vehicle excelled in this safety check category with a superior rating by its side. For two years consecutively,2018 and 2019, Toyota RAV4 safety ratings got ranked relatively high. The insurance institute of Highway Safety ranked Toyota RAV4 as one of the top pickups in terms of security and safety rating standards.

The insurance institute of highway safety has come up with a standard checklist in which a vehicle must pass with an excellent safety rating to be considered a top pickup. The most important aspect of these safety tests that allows these essential bodies to rate the vehicle’s safety is the crash tests. Toyota RAV4 had to pass the following crucial crash tests to rank relatively high among the SUVs with superior safety systems.

Toyota RAV4 excelled in roof strength, safety crash tests, and the driver side significantly improved to allows a small overlap front. Consequently, most vehicles fail in the passenger side overlap front as this side is left more prominent than the recommended small like it’s the case with Toyota RAV4. The side crash test is also another important test that determines the safety ratings of any car. RAV4 passed with excellent results in this category of safety crash test.

Other than the above-mentioned important safety crash test that is crucial in a vehicle’s safety ratings, other safety considerations that any serious vehicle manufacturer must ensure are top on their safe list. One such requirement is the front crash prevention system. The insurance institute of highway safety demands the vehicle pass with a superior rating to rank as a top pickup automobile, something Toyota RAV4 has managed to do with considerable and satisfactory margins. Consequently, a vehicle cannot get considered secure if its headlights are not rated well.

The safety mentioned above test crashes is essential for rating and categorizing vehicles based on the safety ratings they get from the relevant body. One remarkable result of these tests is that it allows the regulators to separate the cars either as a top safety pick plus where Toyota RAV4 lies or just as a Top safety vehicle with no safety enhancements. With the latter category, the safety ratings are somehow acceptable in the industry, but the model manufacturer leaves a significant improvement room. Toyota RAV4 has strived to improve its new 2024 model with additional safety enhancements getting it the best safety rankings it so enjoys.

Safety Features Associated with Toyota RAV4

Img source: cars.com

Toyota RAV4 comes with some of the most enhanced safety features designed to protect the driver, passenger, and other road users. These safety enhancement features include but not limited to the following;

The first enhancement feature that any car enthusiast won’t fail to note is the ABS brakes introduced in the RAV4 new model. Consequently, the vehicle has significantly improved its stability control, either on a rough road or otherwise. The car also comes with an improved front impact airbag installed with side-impact airbags adequately fitted on the front seat. Another vital safety feature associated with this vehicle model is the overhead and knee airbags that are devoid in most vehicles under this category.

Passenger and driver seats in the new RAV4 model come with a seatbelt pretensioner not available in the previous releases. Consequently, you can disable your ignition with the ignition disable device designed for emergency cases. Also, you will not fail to notice several enhancements that come purposely designed around the brake system of these family SUVs. First, the RAV4 new model comes with a four-wheel disc brake and the brake assist’s most crucial feature.

Other safety features are considered prominent, yet they play a critical role in a vehicle’s safety ratings. Features such as blind spot monitors, lane departure warnings, and lane keeping assists are important safety enhancement features that make this model ranked relatively high in safety ratings. Toyota RAV4 also gets equipped with cross-traffic assist alerts and child safety locks making it a suitable family SUV.

For any aspiring driver or automobile owner, safety is always on top of their concern list while deciding which type of vehicle they will adopt. Toyota RAV4 has proved that they clearly understand road safety rules, either for the driver, passenger, or another motorist on the road. Based on the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, Toyota RAV4 is no doubt ranked among the best models you can settle for with ease. Read more about the full safety review from the Car Expert.