6 Best Leather Wallets for Men in 2024

When shopping for men’s accessories, more specifically wallets, one might think that it is quite an easy task to complete. In reality, there are so many options to choose from, a person might easily get overwhelmed with all the different types and variations. Although most of them are minimalistic in design, mostly made to be functional and simple, they are a perfect style statement for any man, besides being useful and practical for holding both money and credit or business cards.

Even though they come in a variety of materials, leather ones are perhaps the classiest and most durable, perfect for any male no matter their style or fashion sense. Moreover, choosing a quality wallet and the right size and shape is very important since you would not want it to be uncomfortable or unpractical during use, or even worse, have it falling apart after a short time.

If you are in the market for a new wallet but are unsure of what your options are or what you should take into account when buying, here are some of the best types to choose from.

The Types

1. The Traditional Bi-Fold

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This is one of the two types of billfold wallets and is probably the most common one men use. It folds in half and consists of two sections. This kind is usually pretty slim, although that also depends on how filled it is, yet it still has enough room to hold cash, credit cards, and receipts.

The design is typically simple, yet they are quite comfortable for carrying around in trouser or pant pockets. Bi-folds are versatile, comfortable, and you will be able to sit with ease, as well.

2. The Classic Tri-Fold

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As its name suggests, this billfold type has three parts and 2 folds. The side sections fold over each other, generally making this type bulkier and thicker than most others. However, it is possible to find certain designs that are pretty slim, which is great for individuals who need more space but do not like bigger wallets.

This is a perfect choice for someone who uses a lot of credit cards or does not like carrying business cards in a separate case since tri-folds offer a lot of compartments for them. However, depending on what you place inside, they might feel uncomfortable in pockets, so you might need to carry them in your jacket, suit, or bag and clean them out regularly to get rid of unnecessary items.

3. Slim Wallets

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If you truly want to cut down on size and bulk, then slim wallets are the way to go. They only have a few compartments for your bills and cards, and they are almost invisible in your pocket, making them perfect for tailored suits.

They are almost always made of leather and are typically more durable than most other types. Moreover, they tend to keep their shape the longest and are less susceptible to damage or deformation, meaning they are a great alternative to the more common types of billfolds.

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4. Breast Pocket (Checkbook) Wallets

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Since they are primarily designed for holding checks, these types are generally longer and bigger than your average ones. They are great for individuals who not only want a case for carrying checks but also their cash, ID, credit cards, and more.

Due to their size, they will not fit in the pockets of your pants and instead can be carried in breast pockets of suits and jackets or a briefcase. Another great thing about them? They do not fold bills, keeping them nice and straight at all times.

5. Coin & Card Wallet

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This type is on the bulkier and shorter side, however, it is great for men who live in places where coins are dominant. They come with separate compartments for coins, cash, and cards, so one can keep everything organized and easily find what they need.

6. Passport (Travel) Wallet

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These are optimal for individuals who travel a lot and need quick access to their passport. They are similar to checkbook ones, although some are even slightly bigger. Not only are they perfect for carrying around a passport, but they are also big enough for cash, cards, and ID.

What is even better is that their size can accommodate any currency, meaning you do not have to worry about foreign money being too big to fit into it. You can also use them as a cover on which you can place paper if ever you need to write something down in a hurry or while you are standing.

What To Look For?

The Quality of the leather should be the first thing you check even if you do not know anything about the material. The softness and smell should be enough for you to know if it is real or not, although there are a few other ways to check. For example, the real material usually has imperfections, creases or wrinkles when it is folded, and generally has rough edges.

The Size completely depends on personal taste and preference. However, you should choose it based on where you carry it since certain types can be too big or feel uncomfortable in the front or back pocket of your jeans. If you are buying it as a present for someone, try to find out what kind the user currently has and base your choice upon it.

Capacity should be chosen based on how much cash you like to carry or whether you have a lot of cards you need at all times. Slimmer wallets typically hold lesser of both, so they might not be optimal if you have more than 10 cards or a lot of bills. If you really do not want a bulky wallet, you can consider getting a separate case for your credit cards, ID, receipts, and the likes.


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All wallet types mentioned above will serve their purpose, so choose a type that is most suitable for you and your needs. However, consider investing in a quality leather one that will not only last you a long time, but that will also look great and feel good while you are carrying it around and using it.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and how often the item will be used, so think about everything carefully before making a purchase, and only then will you be able to find a case that is truly perfect for you.