Can You Get Around Rhodes On A Bike?

Picking out the next destination to visit for your upcoming summer holiday is always exciting and thrilling. Traveling is one of the best experiences you can have in life since it allows you to explore the only planet we have and become a citizen of the world. The more countries you visit and the more cultures and traditions you meet, the more connected you will fill to all nations and peoples and allow yourself to be more open minded.

Most people like to travel but they also share the similar problem of not knowing where to go next, especially if they have already visited the places they have ranked high on their bucket list. When it comes to summer holidays and going to the seaside, the best destinations are said to be in the Mediterranean.

Cream of the Crop


European countries like France, Spain, Italy, and Croatia are among the most popular summer destinations on the planet, rivaled only by tropical paradises of the Caribbean and the enchanting, untouched nature of the North African coastline. Turkey is also a great choice and a top tier place for every budget. The Middle East is right up there with the aforementioned European tourist giants. However, one more destination in Europe has been the top choice for travelers from all over the world, for no less than several thousand years. Not all of them traveled there for the beaches and crystal clear weather, but it no less a well-known place worthy of your time and money. We are of course talking about the ancient country of Greece.

The Best It Has to Offer


Mainland Greece with its hundreds of islands is the usual spot for tourists. Athens is the undisputed queen when it comes to the first choices of many who want to meet Greece for the first time. However, it is the distant island of Rhodes that is said to be some of the best Greece has to offer both in terms of pristine beaches and summertime fun, and ancient ruins and history. Despite being much closer to Turkey than its motherland, it is still a Greek island and therefore a must-see place for anyone looking to meet more of this beautiful and rich country. Planning a trip there is not that easy however and you have to sit down and think hard before you can actually go. In this article we talk Rhodes and getting around this amazing island. It can be done in a number of ways but you should really only be thinking about a select few. Read along to find out more.

About Rhodes


Belonging to both the Dodecanese Islands and the Aegean Islands, this 1,4-1 square kilometer rock is the largest. Full of ancient ruins, remnants of numerous old empires, and top of the line beach resorts, there is nothing Rhodes does not have. The former maritime powerhouse of the entire Mediterranean region, the city of the same name is not a UNESCO World Heritage site. It used to house the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. This alone makes it one of the most important islands on the planet.

Nowadays, the island is home to over 100,000 permanent residents, with over half of that residing in the capital city. The remaining people are spread unevenly across 42 picturesque villages and towns present on the island. The local language is of course Greek, but everyone speaks English. Turkish can also be heard due to its proximity to mainland Turkey. Rhodes is equally popular among the tourists and among the Greek people.

Except for the perceived location of the colossus, there are many other sights worth a visit. They include the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Lindos Acropolis, Acropolis of Rhodes, and the Archeological Museum of Rhodes. In terms of beaches and swimming, you absolutely have to make your way to Butterflies Valley, Tsambika Beach, Prasonisi, Kallithea Springs, and Lindos Beach.

Getting Around the Island


Getting to the island is easy enough. You can either fly there for a quick and optimal trip, or take a ferry for something slower and more laid back. A flight from Athens to Rhodes takes around 50 minutes of average, while the ferry that sails four to five times a week takes as long as 16 to 18 hours. There are also many island hopping opportunities, particularly from Athens and Santorini.

Once you get to the island however, you have a big decision to make that revolves around your personal transportation preferences. Rhodes is a big island and it has a lot to offer. Getting by is not that easy nor simple and public transport is not really the best option if you want freedom and independence. For that, you need something else. As the titular question asks, can a bike be the right option? Sure it can. It is a beautiful, sun-kissed island with amazing roads to take including those off the beaten path. A bicycle can be a great option to do this, but only for short to mid distances.

Cycling is great and all and you can do it quite nicely if you know how to pack and have a good time. Maybe you can camp along the way and visit things you cannot otherwise. However, what about bringing all you need alongside you, as well as everyone else in your party? Not everyone is equally keen on using bicycles daily on a relaxing summer holiday. To tour the island in the best way possible and get a chance to visit everything it has without missing anything and still having enough time to enjoy it all, you need a car. More specifically, you need to rent a car.

As mentioned, cycling has its charms but it is definitely not the best when you want to travel quick and remain relaxed. To save your energy and recharge your batteries during the holiday as you absolutely should, you will need a Rhodes car rental. Renting a car that suits you and your party and using it for the majority of your stay will make so much sense and result in a much more enjoyable and memorable trip. Whenever you are on an island it makes sense to rent a car to get around. Be sure to think about doing it when you finally get a chance to visit the stunning Rhodes.