Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems

While the energy efficiency of any building or house can be easily improved with better insulation and installing double glazing, there is more than homes and businesses can do to ensure that they are making the most out of their spent energy. You can also save a lot of energy and money by installing a heat recovery system for your home or building. There are a number of benefits you can get out of heat recovery systems, but first, we need to help you understand how it works.

How does Heat Recovery Systems work?

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A heat recovery system can work via a vent system that is position at the topmost of the building or house. Rather than just drawing out the stale air out and replace it with new, it will draw all the heat out of the outgoing air and pass it to the air that is coming in.

Heat recovery systems work independently of your normal heating system. In each room, there will be ventilation ducts with filters that will push air in and out, which will all lead to a heat exchanger that is placed on top of the roof of a building.

The heat exchanger is the most important part of the heat recovery system, moving the stale air through tens of small pipes while dragging in cold air from the outside in other ducts. These pipes will flow past each other without touching physically but the heat from the warm and stale air will transfer to the cold air, which is then pushed back into the room. The now stale and cold air is expelled back into the atmosphere.

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Benefits you can get out of Heat Recovery Systems

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  • The main appeal of HRVS or Heat Recovery Ventilation systems is the supply of fresh and warm air in constant flow. When you open a window to let fresh air in, you are losing a large amount of heat from your room that will need to be replaced
  • You will create a self-contained environment with a great ventilation system which means that your air will be much cleaner and better for you, your family or your employees.
  • The constant supply of warm air through the HRV system means you can reduce your energy costs considerably.
  • The benefits of heat recovery go further than just simple energy cost savings. You will also benefit from a reduction in condensation and humidity that can cause serious health problems to you and cause problems to the paint and walls.
  • The improved air quality means that your house will not be filled with irritants like pollution or pollen since the ventilation is filtered properly. This is a great people who have trouble with allergies.
  • Heat recovery systems also lower the levels of carbon dioxide in buildings.
  • Your normal heating system will require considerably less maintenance because there will be much less dust, pollen, and overall improved air quality to clog it.