CBD Infused Food & Drinks: Six Simple Ways To Add Oil Into Your Daily Diet – 2024 Guide

Nowadays, these products have taken the masses by storm, and every day health and wellness geeks are finding new and better ways to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. Given its nutritional profile and potential health benefits, it’s only natural that more and more people are turning to the healing properties of CBD to promote healthy living.

It comes in various forms and formats to fulfil the needs of each particular person. And we all have our favourite method of consuming CBD like taking tinctures/softgel capsules, applying a cream or inhaling this active compound with a vape pen. However, there are times when you want to try something different. In case you are thinking about adding oil to your foods and beverages, this article will explain some of the best ways to add oil into your diet and give your daily meals a cannabinoid boost!

Add To Your Morning Coffee Or Tea

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CBD oil is gaining popularity for it’s potential to calm and relax the body as well as provide better focus, energy and mood. As such, it makes sense, adding cannabidiol into your essential morning ritual.

Having a hot cup of coffee infused with beneficial oil first thing in the morning is a great way to get the necessary dosage and kick start your day. In fact, coffee isn’t your only option. In case you are a tea lover, oil goes perfectly with this drink too. The ideal mix of naturally occurring ingredients and your favourite beverage will not only get your taste buds tingling but can also provide a profound impact on your overall wellness.

To try out a CBD infused coffee, simply measure out the needed dose using the dropper, drip the drops into your coffee, stir and enjoy! It’s recommended to mix it with some milk as CBD isn’t actually dissolving into the water and will bind to the fats.

Make Smoothies, Juices & Shakes

If coffee and tea are not your drinks, combining CBD with your daily smoothies, juices or protein shakes might be a good alternative. You can also add a generous dose of oil to your lemonade, hot chocolate or any beverage of your choice.

That oil can make your drinks more refreshing and help to gear your metabolism into action and activate your nervous system, making you active physically and mentally for a productive day at work or an intense workout.

Add It To Your Morning Porridge

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What better way to start your morning than having a bowl of porridge with some coconut flakes and fruit? Or do you prefer to add some peanut butter and jelly? Whichever combination of flavours and extras you prefer to have with your breakfast, you can always add a few drops of oil into it for an added wellness boost. It’s best if you cook your porridge using plant based or animal derived milk because not all CBD is water-soluble. Some types of oils don’t mix with water very well. As a rule of thumb, whether your CBD is water-soluble or not, it does work best when taken with some fats, such as those in milk. So for instance if you add it to a milk-based porridge, chances are your CBD will have a higher bioavailability than if you added it to a non-creamy soup.

When it comes to porridge, the options to experiment with flavours are endless. Try adding a flavoured oil, such as raspberry flavoured one, to complement the taste of your other extras. Alternatively, you can add some chunks of CBD-infused to chocolate if that’s how you like your breakfast. There are also many options of CBD-infused peanut or almond butter that would also make a great breakfast.

Use As A Salad Dressing

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One of the easiest and delicious ways to get a daily dose of CBD oil is to add cannabidiol to your bowl of fruit or vegetable salad. Mixing CBD with the salad dressing will give the salad a cannabis boost and will cover up the earthy taste of CBD.

Salad dressing with this also supplements the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the products in your salad bowl, helping your gut and brain work optimally and get rid of harmful toxins and metabolites in your body.

Create A Perfect Dessert

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Whether it is a chocolate, brownie, gummies, cakes or cookies, there are literally thousands of recipes these days, and these are perfect for adding a dash of CBD oil into the blend.

CBD edibles became an instant favourite with all the CBD users as they are as easy to incorporate in your daily diet as pick up and go. After all, who doesn’t want to satisfy his or her sweet tooth with a tasty treat?

Therefore, check online for recipes and grab a bar of CBD chocolate as you work at your desk, watch TV or work out for an instant energy lift. Once you make some delicious snacks infused with oil, you will enjoy taking CBD each day even more. However, you have to look out for the number of these treats that you eat in one day.

Enjoy A Cocktail In The Evening

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Finally, CBD oil can be added to alcoholic drinks for a beneficial and fun tasting addition, especially if you prefer to mix flavoured CBD oil. Among a huge variety, CBD beer and cocktails are becoming ever-more popular.

Alcohol can make you sleepy, but it can also make you wake up early and restless at night. CBD can help to eliminate this effect and improve your sleep to feel much better on the next day. Also, alcohol is well known for helping us relax after an intense day. However, there are some thoughts that mixing your favourite drink with CBD may enhance this stress-relieving effect.

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