Fioboc Review: We Tested The T-Shirt To See If They’re Worth The Hype

The good quality of any wearable material is checked through the type of design and quality offered to the customer. The same method applies to t-shirts, many of which are flooding the market at any given time. Custom-made and printed shirts are not just as popular as plain colored ones.

All of them are somewhat hyped amongst different types of customers. But are they worth the hype? Fioboc did a review of the same and the results are here! Let us see if the popular trends of t-shirts in the market are worth the hype or not.

Solid Colors


Solid colored materials are great for an understated look. Plain t-shirts like white and black are very popular in today’s time. The biggest brands are offering white t-shirts but how comfortable is it actually? J Crew offers a soft and light fabric that is perfect for summer and creates a good look. As compared to other mainstream brands, it is comparatively affordable and very light to wear.

Plain shirts should also pass the opacity test. A good t-shirt will have a tight weave which will not let light pass through easily. It is also very noticeable in plain fabric if the stitching is uneven or with loose threads. None of it was found with a plain white t-shirt from J Crew which makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Printed Options

Prints are in style. Maybe they never left. There are many types of printed designs currently available for sale. Based on our review, we came to the conclusion that prints made on cotton-based materials last longer and are way better than other alternatives. Other materials lose their durability and opacity if they are printed upon so the process is best down on high-quality cotton.

But not all cotton fabrics are the same. The appeal and final look will be very different. For instance, the best quality printed t-shirts are made of longer weaves. They are tightly weaved which allows the print to be held together without being broken apart. Rather than being overly thick, it is a fabric with better density without reducing the quality.

A soft yet dense material is preferable to a thicker one. Natural textiles come in different quality levels in comparison to synthetic materials that are usually not available in favorable quality. The quality of colors and the sharpness of the image matters a lot too in deciding the durability of the t-shirt.


Sustainability when manufacturing wearable products is very important from an environmental perspective. Fast fashion is not something one should subscribe to because it goes against the tenets of durability and supreme quality in fabric. A climate-neutral alternative is much more preferable weather than the hyped brands which are not good for the environment.

Sustainability touches up water and environmental conservation in all of the manufacturing techniques. It also considers the chemical composition used during manufacturing along with energy emissions during the production process. Good t-shirts would not compromise the quality and allow for less waste creation.

sustainable menswear brand like Fioboc is made for creating a fashion trend where climate activism is just as important as fashion. Coupon code CJ35 is made available for any customer who would like to make a sustainable choice rather than going with hype in t-shirts. They are made with processes that are good for the skin and also extremely comfortable.

Breathability and Transpiration

The breathability of the material is worth the hype if the brand creates a good quality material. Breathability corresponds to the material being good for the skin and allowing it to breathe. The weightlessness of the fabric is the best way to review the transpiration properties of a fabric.

In a fabric, there are different percentages of material which can include both cotton and synthetic threads. Any fabric which has enough space in the weave for years to pass through is not breathable. This is because the gaps in the wheels allow for thermal insulation where the air gets trapped. On the other hand, if the weed is tightly done with no air pockets it will add to the breathability and allow for transpiration. A tight weave will also help with better density and softness.

For synthetic fabrics, the density and softness work differently. One can check the quick-drying properties by seeing how quickly the fabric dries after moistening. Some synthetic materials are very breakable and will dry easily while others work in the opposite way. It all depends on the manufacturing of the t-shirt.

Another factor to notice is whether the print is blocking the breathability. This will usually be seen in the area which has the print. The viewers will be sweating exactly where any artwork or print is. It is not a good thing for the skin and may become uncomfortable while stepping out in the summer heat.

Plastisol printing causes a greater chance of sweating while water-based screen print is excellent for supporting transpiration. The thinner the layer of ink, the more the credibility would be in any fabric, whether cotton or synthetic. Heat transferring paper sheets restrict breakability and make the wearers wet too much which is why it should not be used for big and bold logos or designs. CAD cut Vinyl also blocks breathability so it is better to familiarize oneself with the printing techniques.

The Takeaway

There are multiple t-shirts flooding the market but not all of them are worth the hype. The quality, material, stitch, weave, and breathability need to be considered for a good enough fabric. Any solid-colored t-shirt which allows for breedibility and is very soft to touch makes for a good purchase. Breathability in a t-shirt corresponds to the lack of air pockets in the fabric which will not cause thermal insulation. The sustainability of the brand also makes a product worth all the hype because one is making an eco-friendly choice.