Hidden Gems of Berlin That Most Tourists Never See 

It is indeed true that the most iconic and highly recognized tourist attractions in Berlin are Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), The Reichstag Building, Museum Island, Pergamonmuseum, and others. However, there are several hidden gems in Berlin that many tourists fail to visit due to a lack of travel time.

As travelers tend to visit the most popular places, they are likely to miss going to the other hidden tourist spots because they are not aware of these attractions. After strolling around Berlin City and including our own experience, we have come to a decision to make this post.

Best Hidden Tourist Spots Of Berlin That Several Travelers Never See

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Grunewald Forest

Img source: flickr.com

Grunewald forest is located far from the city center and on the western side of Berlin. The forest is quite gorgeous and spreads about 3000 acres. It has stunning pathways with lush green trees on the sides. Besides that, if you have plans for a peaceful picnic or a bicycle ride, you must visit the Grunewald forest. This tourist spot is not crowded, so you can enjoy the tree-lined routes, start hill trekking, and scroll around the vacant trails. Another best thing is this forest has sparkling lakes during summer where you can swim.

Reichstag Dome

Img source: bundestag.de

The Reichstag Building is popular among tourists, and many of them make time to watch this monument. However, several people only see the building from outside, take selfies or photos, and then leave this building. But, you must visit inside where there is a glass dome, and you can go to the deck for stunning sights. You can also watch how the Berlin Parliament works by looking down from the roof. This place will be open daily from 8 AM – 9.40 PM, and online pre-booking options are available.

Hackesche Höfe

Img source: tip-berlin.de

If you want to experience the nightlife of Berlin but do not want to go to crowded places, then Hackesche Höfe is the perfect tourist spot. The eight courtyards of the Hackesche Höfe are spread on about 27,000 square meters of area. It has several cultural organizations, cinema theaters, cafés, restaurants, stores, and even apartments. Besides that, this place is located near to other tourist spots, such as Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, Rotes Rathaus, and TV tower. Hence, you can go to this place after visiting those locations or vice versa.

Markthalle Neun

Img source: bundestag.de

Previously, there were more than ten gorgeous markets in Berlin, but currently, only three are left. For foodie travelers, historic Markthalle Neun will become the true paradise as it boasts locally sourced Berlin-style foods at a highly reasonable price. You can literally spend an entire day in this location by scrolling around, eating tasty foods, buying things, and many more. There are specific places for delicious traditional German breakfast and local sweets. This place hosts food festivals on cheese, coffee, sausages and beer as well.

Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower)

Img source: musement.com

Again tourists often walk past the Fernsehturm and look at it from outside. This TV tower is the tallest building in Germany, and you can get the whole city view from the observation deck. You can actually go to the top of the tower, and there is pre-order availability to visit the observation terrace and Bar 203. If you have limited time, it is best to get fast-track tickets which cost about 13€ for kids, 22.50€ for adults, and free for children below 4.


Img source: wikipedia.org

The Viktoriapark has the highest elevation in Berlin, and it contains large lush green areas where you can get a picnic experience and enjoy sunset views. Right in the middle of the park, there is a mountain waterfall. It looks surreal and is an underrated tourist spot. In order to reach the waterfall, you will have to trek a little. If you stand at the foot of the waterfall, you can see an incredible view which shows the water flowing from the monument down to the pebbles.

Oberbaum Bridge + Badeschiff

Img source: wikipedia.org

For crossing the River Spree in Berlin city, the Oberbaum Bridge is built. It is a double-deck bridge which is also one of the best tourist attractions for capturing views and glorious photos or selfies. This bridge connects the Western and Eastern parts of Berlin. From the bridge, you can also watch the Molecule Man (a huge aluminum sculpture), which is another hidden tourist spot in this city.

Because of the polluted water in the River Spree, it is recommended not to swim in there. But, you can swim in the Badeschiff, which is a floating swimming pool inside the river and gives you the best panoramic city center views. The pool is attached to the footbridge using hammocks which have sand. There are cafes, restaurants, and other eatery places where you can have a barbecue as well.

East Side Gallery

Img source: trvlmrk.com

If you have an interest in art, you must take a stroll around the east side gallery, which is currently the world’s longest open-air gallery. Despite that, only fewer tourists visit this place, making it a hidden gem. It is also the biggest remaining part of the old Berlin Wall. The east side gallery stretches about 1.3 kilometers, and the walls have around 100 paintings from different artists across the world. This gallery was officially unlocked to the public on 28 September 1990, and in the next year, it received protected memorial status. Near to the east side gallery, you can also visit Mauerpark, which is the best public park in this city.

Bottom Line

Now, you are aware of the hidden gems of Berlin city, which were forgotten due to the highly popular tourist spots. Hence, when you plan to visit this city the next time, make sure to save some time to tour around the above-mentioned palaces.