6 Maintenance Tips on How One Can Keep Lab Grown Diamonds Clean

Diamond is an expensive and delicate jewelry stone. Whenever you wear it regularly, it can damage due to grime, build-up, scratches, etc. Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep diamonds shiny. But many people need to understand how they can maintain their diamond accessories.

If this stone loses its shine, there is no use in wearing it. Your jewelry will not look fantastic because of dull and unclear stone. Generally, diamonds lose their luster whenever you wear your accessories daily. Your fragrance lotions, sweat due to exercising, household chores, poor storage, etc., can ruin the appearance of expensive diamonds.

It is better to avoid wearing your ornaments daily. But if you must wear it regularly, you must take care of proper maintenance of the expensive stone. This write-up will provide tips for maintaining and cleansing lab-grown diamonds properly.

Using Soap with Water for Proper Cleaning


Shockingly, you can easily use any fragrance-free soap or solution for cleaning your accessory. You must take a brush with soft bristles, towels, lukewarm water, and diamond cleaning solution or soap. Now, you must reserve a small area where you will do the cleaning.

You must lay a dry and clean towel. Keep a bowl filled with lukewarm water on your towel and soak the diamond accessory in the solution for at least five minutes. Take a brush and start cleaning the stone by scrubbing it gently in a circular motion.

When you clean the build-up, take clean water to rinse your jewellery. Now, take a dry handkerchief or towel to wipe it gently. If you buy lab grown diamonds, you can take care of them at home with this simple solution.

Avoid Chemicals

The typical way through which your diamonds can damage is when you do household chores. You might be using harsh cleaning products which consist of harmful chemicals. When this stone comes in contact with those chemicals, it loses its luster. If you are doing any household chores, you must remove the jewellery.

These chemicals can damage your accessories badly. It is better to avoid operating chemicals like chlorine, nail paint remover or acetone, bleaching products, ammonia, etc. If somehow, the diamond loses its luster, you must use a strong cleaning solution. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a dedicated cleaner along with jewelry.

Remove Your Jewellery Often

wearing your diamond

Instead of wearing your diamond accessories regularly, you can keep them aside often. You might have a busy schedule, like doing household chores, gyming, swimming, etc. Instead of wearing your ornaments daily and continuing your routine, it is better to remove them and take a rest.

But it is necessary to store your jewellery in good storage condition. The more you prevent wearing a diamond, the more you can keep it cleanse and well-maintained. You will not ruin the quality of the stone by not damaging them in any way. The stone will not also lose its luster and will keep sparkling always.

Proper Storage

If you desire to maintain lab-grown diamonds long-term, you need to store them properly. You need to buy a jewellery storage box that has proper compartments to keep many accessories separately. If you keep loose items in such a storage box, there will be a low risk of rubbing or damage.

You can keep all your accessories organized. You do not need to clean regularly because the box will prevent dust. Proper storage prevents chipping or destroying the sparkling layer of the stone. To maintain your diamond, you must consider safe and better storage options.

Cleaning Two Time Monthly

cleaning ring

If you have no time to cleanse your ornaments regularly, you must do the maintenance process at least two times monthly. You will see the grime build up when you wear the stone regularly.

If you leave it uncleaned, it will keep on building up and make your stone lose its luster.

It will not look like a diamond. It is necessary to remember that cleaning must be done at least two times a month, no matter if you are too busy. You can easily set a reminder on your phone and get it done.

It is a maintenance routine that you must follow to keep your stone shiny as well as bright. The cleansing process is simple by using the dedicated solution to maintain the stone’s shine.

Even if you have no time to clean regularly, you can dedicate two days within a month for thorough cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Undoubtedly, regular mild cleaning helps keep the build-up away and maintains the stone’s shine. But with time, you will observe changes as it appears slightly dull. The spark will be affected in the long term, and you must go for a complete deep cleaning process.

In this method, you will inspect, cleanse, and polish your ornament to make it look new. Many diamond companies offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. If you get it in your ornament, you can easily replace it from the showroom.

For one year, the cleaning is also free, including polishing. For deep cleaning, you need to contact the manufacturer for free services. But you need to pay for the services if you ask for maintenance lately.

Final Thoughts

If you want to clean and maintain your lab-grown diamonds, you must follow all the tips mentioned. You must avoid wearing this expensive stone regularly and expect no damage. Regular grime build-up can ruin the shine and brightness of the diamond.

If you follow these maintenance tips, your ornament will always look new and shiny. You can do simple cleaning at home. Even if you have no time to do regular cleansing, you can schedule two days for maintenance.

If you avoid operating chemicals, you can increase the shining life of the stone. But the better option is to avoid wearing your ornament regularly and keep it aside in safe storage. With these helpful tips, you can easily maintain and keep your ornaments lustrous.