How to Make a Wedding Special: 10 Little Things You Haven’t Thought of Yet?

You’ve probably already decided on the basics: the venue, the banquet menu and the party scenario, the wedding dress, the bride’s bouquet, and, of course, rings. But what will help make your celebration more exclusive, special, and unique? We have compiled a list of 10 little things that you probably forgot about.

1. Theme

Many couples are limited to choosing the color scheme of the celebration. But it’s much more interesting and original to come up with a special theme for your celebration. Wedding in the style of the sea, in the style of a movie, dedicated to a book, a musical direction, the culture of one people or a sport for a long time will be remembered not only by you but also your guests.


2. The signs

This is especially true if you have chosen a country venue, where signs-pointers are a must. But also in the city – in a hotel or restaurant hall – signs will help to create a cozy, informal atmosphere. They can be elementary greetings, such as “We are glad to see you!”, you can order signs with funny inscriptions or successfully fit them into the script of the holiday, asking guests to raise the signs at certain moments. Or you can arrange a photo shoot with the signs and get bright, unusual shots.

3. Welcome drinks

Regardless of where your guests arrive: at the registry office, the site for the retreat, or the banquet hall, they will be pleased if you offer them drinks right away.

It’s a great start to an event that will create a festive mood. On a covered venue, drinks are conveniently placed on buffet tables, in the open air – organize a bar or station with juices and sodas, and the best solution for the registrar – a mobile bar in the car, which will be parked at the entrance.


4. A beautiful entrance

A staircase or door decorated with flowers will be a beautiful detail of your ceremony. First, you’ll feel good going inside (and it doesn’t matter if you’re entering a church, registry office, wedding palace, or restaurant). Secondly, you can spectacularly appear on such a staircase after the registration and seal your vows with a kiss, like a royal couple. And thirdly, it’s the perfect backdrop to start your photoshoot.

5. Snacks

What to feed your guests? The perfect solution for a welcoming buffet and a festive dinner is a canapé and an assortment of appetizers. Practice shows that most guests prefer to try different dishes little by little, rather than limit themselves to one or two salads.


6. Food with meaning

Whether you’re organizing a banquet with the help of a restaurant team or a catering service, you can always arrange for special dishes to be on the holiday table. These can be delicacies from some of the world’s cuisines, treats that have a special meaning for your couple (like the salad you tasted on your first date), or dishes made from your family recipes, for example. In the latter case, mothers and grandmothers are sure to weep with emotion!

7. Outdoor Entertainment

If you’ve chosen a country hotel as your wedding venue, it would be wrong not to take advantage of its grounds. Especially if the weather promises to be good.

Popular in recent times, a photo booth will be great entertainment for you and your guests. In addition, outside you can organize a small dance floor with live music or a lounge area with hammocks and soft poufs, arrange master classes, and put tables with treats or stations with drinks, burgers, or pizza.


8. Unusual solutions

A caricaturist, a magician, singing waiters, a chef who will prepare a dish in front of the guests, and various guest artists with show programs will help to fill pauses in the script of the evening and make it special.

9. Surprises for guests

Of course, the center of attention on this day will be you, and the main gifts are meant just for you. But, agree, it will be nice to see the surprised and happy faces of your guests, who received surprises that you prepared especially for them. For example, you can write and perform a song dedicated to your parents, invite your friends’ favorite musical group or prepare small memorable gifts for each guest.


10. Wow-effect

A spectacular ending to the celebration will also add positive emotions to you and your loved ones. Few people will be surprised by fireworks nowadays, but illusionists’ shows, flyboard dances over the river or the sudden appearance of a luxurious convertible on which you will drift away over the horizon will put a bright point in the scenario of your celebration.


For each wedding, this is something special and many are waiting for it all their lives, as they have dreamed about it very much, and for this every wedding should be co-ordinated and named for this, everyone plans a lot of debt that would surprise all the guests and make a great holiday for everyone that would remember all their lives, since it is only once a year and everyone is preparing something amazing for this, for example, a wedding dance, many people have been teaching and rehearsing it for months so that everyone would be surprised at how beautifully they danced or, for example, choose a very beautiful place for a wedding, for example, a restorn on the river bank from this spring all the guests they will get good emotions so that later everyone would say how beautifully they spent it and think about how you organize it where and with whom, since rarely anyone celebrates a wedding 2 or 3 times, so for many it’s too much fun and they can’t celebrate with someone else again, so it’s very necessary it is also very serious with the choice of a partner, since some may divorce after a year of marriage or more.