Is The Daredevil Show Really Worth the Hype?

It is without a doubt that Daredevil is among the most overhyped Marvel shows of all time. Now the question is, is Daredevil really worth all the hype, or is it just another show that Marvel created and just got popular by chance? Speaking of the best shows of all time, if you really wish to watch all the current popular shows, you need to make sure that your cable service has all the popular channels, for that we would suggest that you look into Spectrum Cable since it would very likely offer all the channels that you wish to watch.

Coming back to Daredevil, you might already know about The Man Without Fear or even The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. If you don’t, then these are just some names that are given to Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil for being as awesome as he is. If you haven’t watched the show and intend on watching it, you might be wondering as well whether the show is really worth all the hype or not. Here are some reasons that make Daredevil amazing to watch:

Acting Like No Other


One of the reasons why Daredevil is so good is because of the amazing acting that the show offers. Every cast member has put a lot of life into their character to the point that just like you can’t imagine anyone else to play Iron Man than Robert Downey Jr. the same way you can’t imagine anyone else to play Daredevil than Charlie Cox himself. Charlie made a lot of effort to learn how Matt Murdock would go about things so that he could play the character a lot better. Charlie did a wonderful job playing a blind attorney who fights crime at night. Even though Ben Affleck has also played Matt Murdock/Daredevil before, that wasn’t half as good as how brilliant Charlie was.

Enough about the hero, even the villain in the show was so good, he brought chills all the way to your bone. The villain for the show was Wilson Fisk, commonly known as Kingpin who was played by Vincent D’Onofrio who also did an amazing job to portray the character. He really made it feel like Kingpin from the comics had been brought to life and he was terrorizing New York, with only Daredevil there to stop him.

The Complete “Becoming Daredevil” Process

The best part about the show is that it doesn’t show that Matt is already Daredevil, but it shows the entire process that Matt goes through so that he could become Daredevil. At first, we see a makeshift suit that Matt creates for himself with just a cloth wrapped around the upper half of his head so that no one could see his eyes. Matt spends a significant amount of time with his self-made suit until he finally gets a proper suit for himself with little Devil horns incorporated on top of the mask so that he could actually look like the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

The show made sure that it would make Daredevil as closely relatable to the comics as possible. This is where the show keeps the originality of the comics intact and doesn’t make many changes to the original story, which is what makes the show very interesting to watch. In effect, it is absolutely wonderful to see Matt evolve into the proper Daredevil from scratch, after putting in untiring efforts and taking a lot of punches along the way.

The Origin Story, When It All Happened

Another brilliant element of the show is how it shows how Matt got his powers when he was just a kid. When Matt was young, he gets involved in an accident where he saves an old man from getting hit by a truck carrying radioactive chemicals, somehow the chemicals end up going in his eyes, making him go blind but also heightening his other senses at the same time, especially his sense of hearing. Matt’s father was a famous boxer who taught him to fight all his battles, and how to take an entire beating but still choose to stand all the way through.

Matt also follows his religion as much as he can, making him a strict Christian and he also finds a way to bring his religious teachings into all the battles that he fights. All of these basic things make Matt an extraordinary superhero who just does not give up no matter how hard the fight may be. This is one of the many reasons why you should definitely watch Daredevil as soon as you can.

Wrapping Up

If you are a fan of superheroes, then Daredevil is definitely the kind of show you should not miss out on. You can stream the show on Disney+ and as a plus side, you can also watch Matt’s cameo in Spider-Man No Way Home as he plays Peter Parker’s lawyer!