4 Useful Mac Tips and Tricks for Working with PDF Files

The world of technology is an open world that always promotes and embraces all kinds of change. Change comes from all sides and at any time. Most often they are in the area of ​​smart devices and computers. Of these two types of devices, computers have definitely experienced the most changes. They usually get their changes in their appearance (and still get them in relation to their appearance), the changes are also noticed in relation to the operating system. The first computer operating system ever made that was very successful was that of Microsoft – Windows. Windows has several successful versions, and its popularity was especially felt in the 90s and 2000s. Then change occurs.

The change applies to other operating systems that appear. Some of them are Linux which has never been so popular as to be dangerously close to Windows, but it has another operating system. It is Mac Os, the operating system invented and used by Apple for their Mac computers. It first appeared in March 2001 and since then this operating system is getting better and better, and the satisfaction that reigns among the users of Apple Mac computers speaks for itself. But the thing is, there are big differences between the Apple operating system and the Microsoft operating system, but there is also the problem that all software is best suited to the Microsoft operating system.

People use Windows the most, but the number of people who use Apple is not small at all. Software companies often make programs that are more Windows-friendly and less Mac-friendly, but Apple is finding a solution. Here we take specifically the PDF files that are widely used among people. They are complicated to edit and operate on Mac in general, which creates a lot of confusion among users. And you are one of those users who are confused? No need to look for solutions anymore, we will help you not to be confused anymore. How? Here are some tips and tricks on how to use Mac OS’s PDFs that we believe will help you get to know each other better. And what do you need to do? You need to read us to the end and see our suggestions that will surely help you function and of course – write down any of these suggestions because we are sure you will need them in the future.

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  1. Editing these documents by the locking it as a non-editable document – we are sure that at least once you have reviewed the document several times, not noticed any errors, keep the writing as a PDFs, and on the next reading find at least one error that you are not they noticed her. It is not the end of the world, there is a solution to this problem. The key is to change some parts of the document and correct the mistakes that you have made. Yes, it is true, there is an option to correct the file even though many people think it is a situation without an exit, so the document once it is saved in that format. Simply open the file and change it, see it carefully and then lock it again as a PDF format. Isn’t it easy?
  2. Leaving comments from people that check the document – one of the options that helps a lot when it comes to group tasks and the completion of a project is the option to leave your own opinion, ie to leave a comment on what is being read, reviewed or edit. Many people think that the option exists only in the Microsoft Office program, ie in the part for writing text named as Word, but this option also exists in PDF documents. Yes, it is true, you can also leave comments on the content, corrections that need to be made, or simply leave your opinion, praise, and suggestion for repairs. We believe that this will make your job easier.One of the programs you can use for this purpose can be found here: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-editor-mac/.

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  3. From now on you can easily sign your documents electronically – have you ever found yourself wanting to sign a document online or with the help of your computer without such an option or possibility? It could not be done for a long time, especially it could not be done on PDF documents because there was no such option, but from now on it is easily available and at your disposal. It’s easy, open the document, edit it, try to find the place for your signature, and sign easily and in just a few steps. This feature will certainly make your job easier and much easier to operate which was once more complicated.
  4. Protection of information contained in the document you don’t want to be seen – Sensitive information can often be found in documents. When we say sensitive information we mean personal information that means privacy for the person to whom they belong or information related to business, business deal, cooperation, partnership, and similar contract documents. Because information is sensitive, it is often required to be protected so that it does not easily spread beyond the circle in which it is located. In order not to make changes to the documents, there is the option to close and lock the documents offered by this program. Just select the options for closing and locking the document and the document will not be allowed to be edited, and it will not even be allowed to be printed if you do not want that option to be allowed for the recipient.
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These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to create your own. We are aware of these tips and tricks and we are sure that they will complete a lot of the work that could not be done so far and will make it easier for you to perform the obligations that have been delayed so far. Now that you know these functions, all you need to do is apply them to your business and make your operation easier. Ready to apply these tips? Apply them right away and get the job done right – simply, easily, and successfully.