Top 6 Sunglasses Trends Approved by Celebrities in 2024

It is no secret that celebrities are the main trendsetters, but when it comes to accessories, they all show off their personal preferences, and they teach us how we can pair things up to get the best of the modern era and fashion styles. Sunglasses are something that we use daily, and they are part of our outfits both on a hot summer day and in the sunny winter months.

They are there to help us present ourselves, and they are a way to show off our class and style. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the top sunglasses trends that have been approved by celebrities in 2024. Continue reading if you want to find out why these models are so popular, and what makes them different than any other choice.

White frames


If you are looking for that classic style, and if you want to look like you came out of a 50s or 60s fashion magazine then you should opt for eyewear with white frames.

Emma Roberts is one of the people who choose to go with this look and she shows off her style and sense of fashion with them. Even though the most popular model is the cat-eye frame, you can still choose to go with something different and unique.

The best thing about these models is that they are going to frame your face, they are going to help you show off your preferences, and they can be an amazing accessory that you can match with the rest of your outfit. When choosing the right model for you, make sure you pick items that are durable and made of high quality. This is especially important because this color can start flaking or getting yellow if you don’t pick a good brand.

Embellished models


For those who want to make a statement, and all the people who want to be noticed by others, you should choose the embellished frames that are just beautiful and mesmerizing. More and more celebrities are choosing to go with these glasses, and Olivia Palermo is one of the famous people who know how to rock them.

Depending on your overall budget, you can go with natural gems, stones, and even diamonds, and most of the big brands in today’s market offer different models and styles. You can opt for a floral design, or you can just pick softer hues and let the embellishment shine. Know that just because you are picking gems it does not mean that you have to go with larger-than-life models and that you can easily choose something softer and less noticeable while still having a sunglasses pair that is stylish and classy.



If you are looking for models that are modern, trendy, and incredibly cool, then you should take celebrities’ advice and go with the clubmaster models.

People including David Beckham love this style and they are made to look perfect on almost everyone’s face. You can opt for larger frames, or you can go with something that is less noticeable.

As you can see on websites like, there are so many different designs that you can choose from, so you will never feel like you are just following a trend, or like you cannot combine your personal preferences with the modern look.



These models have been popular ever since the era of Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and they have managed to keep their trendiness all these years. There is a reason why they are still the number one fashion choice, and as you can probably notice, they look amazing on people of all genders, colors, and ages.

They have been the most talked-about accessory and they are shown off every year in the biggest runways in the world. Angelina Jolie is one of the many celebrities that does not want to give up on this model, and you can see that she knows how to pair them with different outfits and styles.



No list would be complete without this trendy model, and if you are looking for something vintage that can easily be translated into modern looks, then the cat-eye models are just what you are looking for.

It seems like pretty much everyone is wearing them, and the reason for this is that they look mesmerizing on every woman’s face, and they can be worn both on a casual day out and even for red carpet events. Miranda Kerr is one of the people who show that you can look extremely flattering when you put these sunglasses on and they add a touch of sophistication and class when you add them to your outfit.



The last model we are going to talk about is the classic Wayfarer sunglasses that seem to be similar to the clubmaster model, but they are still so different and chic. They have been around for more than just a few decades, and today they are as popular as they were in the 60s.

The best thing about this model is that they are unisex, so people including Jude Law and Taylor Swift have been using them for a long time now. They are really easy to combine with every outfit, they look beautiful on every face, and they are vintage, yet modern.

The Wayfarer models are said to be the look of the future because they have survived many generations and a lot of decades without being forgotten by celebrities or regular people. You can customize them and play with colors to achieve your preferred look.

These are some of the currently trending sunglasses styles that have been approved by the rich and famous. Note that in the current market, you can find models that combine these trends, and you can easily customize your order depending on your style and preferences. If you are not sure which pair will look the best on you, then just look for a celebrity that has similar facial features as you do, and see what they are recommending.