BELGRADE – Dragan Djuric and Boris Delibasic, two professors of FON (Faculty of Organizational Sciences), together with an advisor Stevica Radisic, deliberately published entirely fictional article in Romanian magazine “Metalurgia International” in order to draw attention to the hyperproduction of quasi-scientific works by Serbian professors that are published in the magazines of dubious quality.

Photo: screenshot
Photo: screenshot

Their “scientific” work, named “Evaluation of transformative hermeneutic heuristics for processing of random data” looks like a badly written fairy tale, but the Romanian magazine, which is otherwise full of Serbian authors, published it in its entirety, without a single correction. Thus in the article, among the false references, author mentions Disney character Goofy who published his scientific results in the scientific magazine “Mikijev Zabavnik” (comic for children).

It is also mentioned that results by papers published in 2012 and 2013 by the long-dead Bernoulli and Laplace are used. In Tarsan English, which no one in the Romanian magazine corrected, “apples and oranges” are mixed, from the concepts of informatics and computer science, to European Union, educational level of women and religion. As the icing on the cake, they have sent their photos with fake mustaches and wigs to the magazine.

The professors, otherwise experts in the area of information systems, had enough seeing many colleagues easily publishing their works in magazines like this one and in this way come to the points they need to move into higher positions.

Their original move was welcomed by the entire academic community which still buzzes about how they outwitted cheating Romanian magazine. However, none of them wishes to speak publicly about this because, as their colleagues from FON said, they did it in revolt, and not to attract the attention of the media.

“Phenomenal move! We do not want to put up anymore with false scientific works of quasi-scientists being published in suspicious magazines while their colleagues in times as hard as these manage to do great researches and publish them in prestigious world magazines,” said professor dr. Pero Sipka, director of the EB of Centre for Evaluation in Education.

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  1. Veliki broj naučnih časopisa se održava tako što se većina posla obavlja volonterski a autori plaćaju po stranici. Ima ih više hiljada! U časopisima je neka sekretarica možda čak i plaćena. Glavni urednik i bliži krug saradnika najčešće nisu plaćeni ili im je samo obaveza na fakultetu nešto reducirana. Recenzenti se veoma, veoma teško nalaze. Posao se ipak obavlja zahvaljujući visokoj naučnoj moralnosti naučnika koji šalju članke. Srpski profesori su mogli da se ponude da budu recenzenti. Bili bi oberučke prihvaćeni. Oni su se odlučili na prevaru: cilj opravdava sredstvo, mislili su? Dal misle i da su tako rešili problem? Beogradski univerzitet, koji je imao veliku reputaciju je tako izigrao poverenje. Gdegod objavljivali i oni i druge kolege, biće uvek sumnje nije li to ponovo neki sličan časopis koji “objavljuje sve”? Ovo je pad srpske nauke, ne samo zato što su oni to učinili, već i zato što mnogi takav kriminal odobravaju.

  2. A really basic point apart from ‘the hyperproduct of research’ is why a magazine called ‘International Metalurgy’ is publishing papers not about metallurgy!

    This sort of scamming was first done in the US back in 1996: [link]

    The only thing I can say is that the Serbian/Romanian scam is nowhere near as clever. With the Goofy bit one can only guess the editors don’t even read English.

  3. Great job, boys! I’m Romanian, by the way, but I’m totally disgusted by such “journals” which may bring a bad name to the honest Romanian scientists. And, yes, it doesn’t happen only in Romania. But “Metalurgia” is notorious for such sh*t and it well deserves it.

    Keep “writing” and keep on with disclosing such journals! Thanks!

  4. Metalurgia International has two options: 1. dissapears; 2. keeps getting such articles since now we are very much determined to send continusouly such papers. Congrats to the Serbian professors!

  5. The fault belongs, partly, to authors and partly to Thomson ISI system. The latter accepted as ISI-indexed journals many without any quality of the content, with fake reviewing system, with no control of the content. Thomson involved politics, e.g.: “this area has no ISI journals and should be helped”. Only in Romania we have more than 50 ISI-indexed journals. How many are of Metalurgia International level? Answer: most of them! Some are even “family matter”. The journals publish everything, does not matter if the subject is related to the journal or not. Metalurgia International published medical papers!!
    Congratulation to Serbian colleagues!

  6. Congratulations to both Professors!

    The publication of your “article” might surprise many people but not me, as I have to work on a daily basis with a prime minister who plagiarized his doctoral dissertation.

    Keep up the good work!


    Traian Basescu

  7. Great work guys !!! This “scientific” paper is a normal papers published in Metalurgia Internationa journal during the last years. Many researchers and professors from Romania have published “great works” in this journal and are proud of them. As an example, would be of interest to take a look in the scientific publication lists of the researchers and professor from Politehnica University of Bucharest.

  8. Na Kobsonu piše: “Časopis može imati IF a ne biti na SCI listi – ako je sa SCI liste izbačen 2013. godine, i u toj godini prestao da se referiše u Web of Science (WoS) (slučaj TTEM-a koji je izbačen 2013. godine).” Takav slučaj je i sa Metalurgia International i HealthMED!

  9. Boys, my congratulations! Long time ago(1931)three physicists did similar thing in a prestigious physics journal but for different reasons (see link link2). One of them was Hans Bethe, then 25 years old, later Nobel prize laureate. I wish you at least these two of his many achievements: the Prize and longevity (99 years).


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