8 Facts You Need To Know Before Visiting Australia in 2024

Australia is known for its history, aristocracy, and amazing scenic beauty. Also, it is famous for its fabulous food, amazing artists, and royal monuments. People from all around the world fly Australia to breathe in their soothing atmosphere.

The scenic beauty, amazing tourist spots, the beautiful beaches, the famous Maori culture, etc. are among the most significant reasons to visit Australia. But there is a lot more to it.

There are specific reasons which drive people to breathe in the air of Australia. How about we let you in on a few facts before you decide to visit Australia? So, here are the top 5 facts which you need to know before visiting Australia.

  1. The Best Healthcare System

The healthcare system of Australia is known to be the best around the world as it is dedicated to serving the people of the country who live there. It provides certain insurance coverage that benefits people the most. Such insurance covers the hospitalization charges along with any medical expenses.

Besides the medical benefits inside the country, health insurances have lots of reciprocal benefits, which will help people to get medical benefits in other countries also. While it comes to the fitness regime in Australia, you may not need to pay for a gym membership as Australia is the country of sports and physical activities. You can stay fit by walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling where you don’t need to pay anything extra.

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  1. Australia has the Best Education System

Presently, Australia is the 8th country in the world, which offers the most top-rated education throughout the world. The universities and the colleges of this country are responsible for providing the best higher education.

Students around the world migrate to Australia each year only for this reason. Besides higher education, primary and secondary schools are also providing good education, and it is also free.

  1. Australia has a Multi-cultural Society

Australia is a country where people from different parts of the world come for various reasons. Some are here to visit the country, while many people have migrated permanently or temporarily. Such people have different cultural backgrounds that they share with other people.

There is no class system, and social divisions exist in Australia, and the people of this country are quite warm and welcoming.

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  1. Language Is Not a Barrier in This Country

In many states, you don’t understand the local language, which creates a huge problem initially. But, in Australia, you won’t face any difficulties. The people of Australia indeed have a unique accent, but many speak in English so that language won’t be a problem anymore.

  1. Minimum Air Pollution

This is such a criterion that has become rare in the entire world. But you can still get it in Australia. As air pollution is the minimum in Australia, one can breathe fresh air here.

  1. Transportation Cost in Australia

The cost of transportation in Australian cities is lower than in any other country. As the cars are mostly run in gasoline in Australia, the transportation cost is lower here. Gasoline is cheaper than diesel. Still, you can keep yourself away from paying all the high expenses of transportation. You can do this by buying the Transport Card for you.

If you are in Sydney, you can buy Opal Cards. This card is readily available at any station or any convenient shop. It is free, and you can recharge it with any amount you want. While moving from one place to another, you need to tap on the card and tap it off after finishing your journey. To avoid any unpleasant nuisance, you should never forget to tap the card off after your journey. This transport card can also be different in different cities. In Melbourne, you need to buy Myki Card for smooth transportation throughout the country.

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  1. Cost of Food and Drink

Australia is indeed quite expensive than any other country, but when it comes to food and drink, the price of the items is almost equal to any of the European countries. In this country, you get the quality that you pay for. Here, a good piece of meat is more expensive than a medium-sized butter.

If you buy any imported goods, for fruits and vegetables, you have to pay quite well. Instead of buying the supermarket brand, if you go for random products that will not be that heavy on your pocket. Here are some of the products which are available at normal range, like, whole milk, pasta, eggs, grated cheese, instant coffee, etc. Among the expensive range of products, you can buy bread, beer, strong alcohol, etc.

You can save a lot of these items if you check out the sales. Also, you will find the same products in the supermarkets at quite a reduced price. Pay attention to those, and you can have a budget-friendly stay in Australia.

  1. Accommodation Cost

While knowing more about accommodation in Australia, the first thing you need to know is the type of accommodation you want there. If you are in this country for a short period, you can look for the youth hostels as those are readily available. These hostels are also good options for people who don’t want to stay in one place for a longer period and also don’t want to rent an apartment.

Now, the prices of these hostels are different in different cities. You can book a single room for you, which will cost you around 80 AUD to 150 AUD per night. If you go for a shared room, that will be cheap as it will take 30 AUD for a night.

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The Final Words:

Hopefully, now you are aware of the important facts about Australia. This country has a calm and composed lifestyle. There is always a laid-back attitude in the system. So, you won’t have any serious problems in getting around there. What you need to do now is to apply for the visa that you want in order to visit Australia and you can do the same at Evisa.Express.