Most popular flowers in Serbia

What makes Serbia a beautiful country is because its landscape is so diverse, with hundreds of different natural features located near each other in a small geographical area. There are huge mountains, plains, mild forested landscaped with calm rivers, steep gorges, and canyons, enchanting caves, but the most impressive of all is the large fields of hundreds of different flowers you can see while on the highway.

Lily of the Valley

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One of the most popular flowers in Serbia is the Lily of the Valley as it is its national flower. Sometimes also referred to as the lily-of-the-valley. It is usually well known for its strong and sweet fragrance. It is an extremely poisonous flowering pat which found all over the Northern Hemisphere in Europe or Asia. The scientific name of lily of the valley is Convallariamajalis. It is a symbol of sweetness, beauty, and purity. The lily of the valley symbolizes the return of happiness. Because of its various uses, symbolism and sweet fragrance, the Lily of the valley became a very popular flower in Serbia and because of that it even became Serbia’s national flower. Serbia has a lot of gorgeous natural beauties and the Lily of the Valley definitely adds to it.

The national flower symbol of Serbia is considered as a pure flower in the category of flowers and it stands for purity. If you add this flower to any type of bouquet, it will always make it more beautiful. If it is grown in any garden, it will surely spruce up your garden and add an unforgettable fragrance. According to, a popular florist shop, the flower can be easily spotted because of its form that looks like a bell and its white color. You also can’t miss it since its smell is so specific you will notice it every time you are around it. The Lily of the Valley is also very regularly picked as a wedding decoration or for wedding bouquets because of its shape and soothing fragrance. These flowers usually bloom in the sprint time and can last quite a bit.

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The stems of this flower can grow from 10 to 30 cm tall, with ½ leaves 15 to 25 cm long. The stems usually have only 2 leaves and a raceme of 6 to 14 flowers on the stem apex. The flowers always have 6 white petals. However, they can be sometimes pink although this is a pretty rare occurrence. The six petals are fused at the base which forms a bell-shape which is around 5 to 10 mm in diameter.

However, make sure you keep out the flower out of reach from children since almost all parts of the flower can be poisonous which can cause abdominal pain or skin rashes. If a flower is poisonous that does not mean it represents anything bad at all. The Lily of the Valley represents purity, sweetness, chastity, and humility and it’s the most popular and favorite flower of all people in Serbia as stated by