Who is Serbia’s Best Ever Footballers – 2024 Review

For a country that’s never won a major international tournament, Serbia has a long and proud tradition of producing great footballers. The Serbian domestic league might not be highly thought of on the world stage, but the country’s greatest players have spread far and wide across the planet, plying their trade in the best leagues … Read more

6 Most Popular Apps In Serbia – 2024 Guide

Numerous studies have shown that mobile applications are very popular. Still, some of them stand out from the rest. A similar situation is everywhere in the world, so Serbia is no exception to the rule. Which applications can most often be seen on the personalized home screens of mobile devices of users in Serbia in … Read more

9 Most Popular Jobs in Serbia for 2024

When people hear “craft-trade job”, they often think about jobs that revolve around painting jobs, 3D modeling, concept drawing, photography, and so on. However, craft-trade jobs include occupations such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and other careers – without these services, we and our homes would not be able to function properly. Although Serbia’s economy … Read more

Arriving in Serbia by Boat – 2024 Guide

Serbia’s inland waterways, on which an international and interstate sailing regime applies, comprise the rivers: Danube, at a length of 588 km Sava, at a length of 198.6 km Tisa, at a length of 164 km The Danube river is Pan-European Transport Corridor 7. Port director’s offices provide information about and instructions on waterway conditions, … Read more