6 Gift Ideas For A Pregnant Woman – 2024 Guide

Pregnancy is one of the best and maybe the worst things a woman and her body can go through. The whole experience is said to be amazing, but really difficult at the same time.

When going to a baby shower, or if you just want to surprise your pregnant friend with a thoughtful gift, you need to choose the gift carefully.

If you want to buy your friend something that she will use and not just something she will put in the backroom, never to be seen again, you have to be smart and shop smart.

We are going to help you with that difficult task. Here is our list of 6 things you can buy to a pregnant woman that she will love and will use. She might not even know she needs these things!

1. Gift Basket

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It may seem like this is something that sounds too generic, but gift baskets can be a really great and practical thing. You don’t have to go and buy something that’s already made, you can make the gift basket on your own.

Depending on your budget, you can add more or less things in it. Go buy a basket, it should be sold in any store that has previously made gifts. Now the fun begins!

You can add anything, starting from the favorite sweets of your pregnant friend, up to skincare products, diapers, pregnancy journals, anti-nausea products and massager rollers.

Top everything off with a stuffed toy for the new baby and add a balloon. The combination of vibrant colors and things the new mommy can use will make the gift basket unique and practical.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

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Did you know that soon-to-be-mommies have so much hard time sleeping? And even if they somehow fall asleep, they wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep?

This is all because of the pregnancy belly and/or heartburn. It’s hard to produce a life!

Luckily, there are products that could make the lives of pregnant women easier. A pregnancy pillow is one of them.

If you buy the right pillow your relative or friend will finally be able to get in a comfortable position and get the long-needed rest. There are different shapes and sizes and you can even get her a pillow that could help with the breastfeeding of the little one after they are born. You can check review portal MyBestMattress for best pillows, mattresses and other sleep essentials.

3. Skincare Set

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Even though the skin starts glowing when a girl gets pregnant, that perfect glow does not last the whole pregnancy.

Your friend can get pimples, dry skin and chances are, they will get stretch marks. Skincare set is the perfect gift for your friend who’s going through her pregnancy.

There are a lot of different sets, you can choose one for her body, or for her face and body. Choose something that will be moisturizing and nourishing. The blends of shea, jojoba and cocoa are the best for skin care and you should try to look for products made without parabens or sulfates.

Choose fragrance-free sets that soften the skin and help with the stretch marks. These products can be used during and after pregnancy.

4. Bottle Sterilizer

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When the new baby comes, we try and keep it as safe and as protected as possible. Keeping all the baby bottles sparkling clean can be a monotonous task and if your friend has a lot of baby bottles (like every other mom does), she will definitely need help.

A bottle sterilizer is something your friend wants but doesn’t know how much she needs it. Yes, the boiling method is an option, but it’s not that convincing. And she could use a dishwasher, but that takes too long and most times, she will need that bottle right away.

There are a lot of different types of bottle sterilizers. Some can hold one bottle only, and some are made to hold 2-6. The process usually lasts 2-20 minutes, depending on the type of device.

If you want to help the new mom and make her life easier, you should choose this gift. Click here to see which are the best sterilizers for 2024 and you may get some ideas on what she might need.

Most of the sterilizers are really easy to use, they dry the bottles and keep them sterilized for 24 hours. However, if you are not sure what to buy, it’s better to just call your friend and ask what she needs.

5. Pregnancy Compression Socks

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Did you know that during pregnancy blood is flowing at a higher volume? Because of this, your friend can feel discomfort, especially during long car rides, or even when she’s sitting for a long period of time.

Compression socks are a great gift, they reduce swelling and can help the new mom to feel more comfortable and be able to do some light exercising.

There are so many different types, lengths and colors of compression socks that you won’t be able to choose which ones to get. And your friend will definitely be thankful when her feet get some rest.

6. Baby Monitor

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This is a great gift you can give to new moms and for women that are still pregnant. There are a lot of different baby monitors available on the market.

You can choose a heartbeat monitor that comes with headphones and allows the parents to record the baby’s heartbeat. These monitors can connect to the smart device with an app that allows the mom-to-be record messages, play jingles and even create an album. Before buying one, make sure to read some reviews on the baby monitors on Kidsco.

Other types of baby monitors include video monitors, audio and they are even movement-sensitive, so when the new baby comes the parents can sit back and relax in the other room while they watch their little one sleep.

Which one of these gifts is your favorite? And for all the women who are pregnant or have already given birth, is there something you used during your pregnancy?

Whatever you choose, you should know that it’s the thought that counts. If you are not sure if your friend or relative wants, has or needs something, it’s better to ask her.

It’s great when the gift is a surprise, but in cases like this, it’s better to be safe and buy something that they are really going to use.