7 Cities Young People Will Love in North Carolina

There are many great locations for young people to start a career, locations that have growing economies and plenty of job opportunities. Cities like Austin, Texas are usually the first that comes to mind when people discuss cities that young people would flourish in. As a state, North Carolina actually has some of the most attractive cities for young people. These cities either have great economies, access to quality higher education, strong culture, or all of the above. There are several USPS services that can help young people if they choose to move to North Carolina with the help of sites like Findpostoffice.org. So if you’re a young professional looking to move to North Carolina, what cities should you look at? Here are three cities young people will love in North Carolina.

1. Charlotte

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Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, and as a result, you’ll find a lot of young people in the area. Charlotte has just about everything other big cities have to offer, including sports teams, nightlife, and concert venues, making it a great place for young adults looking for fun. However, Charlotte isn’t just partying as the city also has a variety of great parks and natural areas. If you enjoy spending time outdoors or just simply want to escape from urban life, Charlotte has plenty of options for you. Finally, Charlotte has a great job market with an affordable cost of living, making it a fantastic place to start a career in.

2. Greensboro

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Millennials and Gen Z’ers are flocking to Greensboro and looking for Greensboro houses for rent, and it’s no surprise why as suggested by redfin.com. The local economy is strong right now and looks poised to grow even more, creating lots of job opportunities for young professionals. On top of this, the housing market is relatively affordable, especially when compared to much larger cities. Despite the affordable cost of living, Greensboro is still one of the most populated metro areas in North Carolina. This relatively large population means you’ll have plenty of people to connect with, and you may even find a nightlife scene to enjoy. Greensboro is growing rapidly, and now is the perfect time for young professionals to move in.

3. Durham

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Durham is an extremely popular destination for young people due to the presence of a couple of prestigious universities. Both Duke University and the University of North Carolina call the city home, leading to a large number of young people in the area. The city has a youthful vibe and caters to young professionals and students, meaning young people will feel at home living here. Additionally, many local businesses and companies are looking to take advantage of the youthful workforce, meaning you should be able to find job opportunities relatively easily. If you want to live with other young professionals, Durham is one of the best locations in North Carolina to do so.

4. Raleigh

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If you are a young people that are looking for a big city experience, the capital of North Carolina will be the perfect destination for you to visit and enjoy. All young tourists that already visited this place say that it is one of those places that offers a positive and exciting vibe. Raleigh city is mostly famous for the barbecue, therefore you must visit some popular barbecue places such as Ole Time Barbecue or The Pit Barbecue, you will not regret it. After you enjoy tasteful food, you can focus on exploring some popular attractions that this city has to offer. There is truly something for everyone’s taste.

Therefore, if you like to learn more about the town’s history and enjoy the art, you can visit the museum. On the other hand, if you are more for biking along Raleigh’s scenic trails, you are going to enjoy the experience. When it comes to wildlife for young people, this city has to offer live music experiences at many music venues. Finally, when it comes to the nightlife, you will be surprised how many thrilling bars are expecting you there to visit, have fun and make unforgettable memories.

5. Wilmington

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If you are a person that loves visiting beaches, you should head to North Carolina’s coast. The city of Wilmington is the one that can provide you with everything that wishes for! This destination is highly popular during the hot summer days since near the city, you can enjoy famous Cape Fear beaches. Therefore, for the perfect combination of relaxing on the seductive beaches and exploring a cool young town, this is a perfect destination that you can consider visiting.

However, even if you are not a big fan of beaches, you can still come here and enjoy the city attractions. Wilmington has a special and very popular lively historic district which is actually home to the Riverwalk where you can experience a lot of thrilling things including art galleries, delicious food, and shopping.

6. Hickory

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We have one destination in North Carolina especially recommended for the young people that love exploring a unique town full of great and incredible museums. In Hickory, you can visit museums such as the Catawba Science Center, Hickory Aviation Museum, and the Hickory Museum of Art which will truly leave a big impression on you because you will have a chance to experience the culture of this town in a stunning way.

After you finish with this part, you can head to the Olde Hickory Brewery and taste popular locally brewed beer. In the end, we all know that young people still want to experience the vivid nightlife, and this town can offer you that. You just need to go to the Olde Hickory Tap Room and spend a great time while dancing to live music, having fun, and meeting new people.

7. Boone

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For all adventurous young people over there, we have a special destination in North Carolina that you can visit. We are talking about the popular mountain town called Boone, which is located at the border of Tennessee. Even though this is a small town, do not think that it can not provide you fun and exciting experience that you look like a young person. This city is named after Daniel Boone.

What is unique about this town is the fact that it is located in the middle of the mountains, which means that if you are willing, you can take advantage of exploring and participating in different outdoor activities. Boone town’s beauty is the place called Elk Knob State Park. When you finish with the adventurous experiences, you can be free to enjoy the entertaining nightlife here.