What Is The Meaning Of Crypto Tourism ?

There are many ways to travel the globe and see new places, but one increasingly popular type of travel that many may not have heard of is called “crypto tourism.”

What is crypto tourism? First, let’s discuss the term “crypto” – it’s short for cryptocurrency and refers to various digital payment methods and currencies that are used as an alternative to traditional (or “fiat” currencies) like the United States Dollar, the Euro, or the Mexican Peso. It is delivered through blockchain technology and is widely recognized for its ability to provide greater security and privacy than traditional banking outlets. Like all currencies and investments, its value fluctuates constantly over time, and the current prices of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Basic Attention Token (BAT) can all be found on Okx.com.

Now that we’ve defined crypto, it’s easier to explain crypto tourism. Crypto tourism is a type of travel, often a cruise or other form of leisure travel that allows users to purchase passage using cryptocurrencies. During travel, the cruise ships, hotel rooms, or other venues will feature various panels, talks, and workshops (among other activities) relating to various aspects of crypto.

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The main target demographic for crypto tourism is the big spenders, who have large amounts of money tied into cryptocurrency, NFTs, and/or other blockchain-related investments. However, those with smaller crypto portfolios are also welcome to join and can benefit from the crypto education provided as part of the trip. Various celebrities have also been known to engage in crypto tourism from time to time, such as former model and WWE Superstar Summer Rae (now known professionally as Danielle Moinet), who has recently joined the cryptocurrency revolution.

Crypto tourism is growing more and more popular every year, as a recent survey revealed that 22% of Americans polled stated that they intended to use cryptocurrency for at least one aspect of travel (flights, hotels, food, etc) before the end of 2024. This coincides with a boost in the popularity of crypto in general, as made evident by the increase in Super Bowl commercials advertising cryptocurrency and crypto platforms this year, including perhaps the most memorable, a Coinbase ad that simply featured a QR code and no audio.

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In 2017, the Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise sailed the Caribbean for one week and featured panels from crypto experts, industry leaders, and organizations preparing to offer ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings, the first time a specific coin is available to consumers, similar to a company offering an IPO of its new stock). Participants from 19 different nations were in attendance and the cruise was so successful that it has been held multiple times in subsequent years.

In summary, crypto tourism allows cryptocurrency owners and investors to use their crypto capital to purchase cruise ship tickets, hotels, airline tickets, food, and other things as part of a vacation, but perhaps more importantly, allows them access to educational classes designed to enhance their knowledge of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain in general, and learn about new coins debuting soon, all while receiving the information directly from industry leaders and crypto experts.