7 Fashion Trends in Serbia

Roam around any major city streets of Serbia, and you’ll quickly notice that the beautiful people of this beautiful country are some seriously fashionable folks. Yes, Serbia has some world-renowned fashion designers like Mona Lacko and Ines Janković that will teach you a thing or two about how to dress impressively.

Just take a look at the fashion fads that enthralled the majority of Serbians nowadays for you to believe. Well, to add up to your knowledge, here’s a list of fashion trends in Serbia that will surely pique your interest.

Animal Prints

img source: fashionista.com

Bold and sophisticated animal prints are a big deal in street fashion in Serbia nowadays. Flashy leopard print, in particular, is one of the favorite animal prints amongst fashionable Serbs. You can see this bold and wild feature in coats, pants, suits, dresses, etc.

If you want to imitate this fashion trend and unleash your animal instinct, pick loud and flashy designs with bright and bold colors. Another option is to choose an all-over leopard print matched by a jumpsuit or dress. To take your playfulness to the next level, you can also add accessories like shoes or bags in another animal print.

The Dizelaši Look

img source: calvertjournal.com

Popular in the 90s, the dizelaši fashion style is now making a comeback in 2019. This look is a fad amongst the notorious street gangs that emerged due to the social and political turmoil in Serbia in the early 1990s.

Due to the economic meltdown in the 90s, the garish and expensive tracksuits were a symbol of prestige back then. The dizelaši look centers around tracksuits and trainers, but with some local influences such as the Diesel jeans matched with heavy gold chains and gaudy belt buckles.

Nowadays, Serbs wear tracksuits for the sake of fashion alone and to relive the good old days of the days gone by.

Patchwork Clothing for Women

img source: npr.org

I know patchwork is the favorite craft that your grandmother enjoys. But, today, it’s the latest fashion fad for women. This trend has the auspices of major fashion events and the scene on the streets. Patchwork appeared on pieces of clothing such as pants, shirts, jumpsuits, dresses, and more.

It has an eclectic and attention-grabbing design due to the contrasting colors and types of fabric that are creatively sewn together. Make your patchwork clothing to be the main thing about your outfit by matching it with simple accessories or single-colored garments.

Printed Silk Scarf

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Winter is coming to Serbia. Thus, this fashion piece is just apt for the cold season. Accessorize yourself with a printed silk scarf for protection from the cold and for fashion’s sake. This no-nonsense accessory is an excellent addition to any outfit.

The dynamic colors and unique shapes and patterns put on a fantastic work to create an eye-catching look to any fashionable lad out there. Pick a bold printed silk scarf and team it with neutral accessories or clothing.

Colored Tartan

img source: coveteur.com

Animal print is not the only fashionable print for the stylish Serb beauty. Colored tartan is also vying for your attention. This trendy piece of clothing appeared not only on Belgrade streets, but in London, New York, Milan, and Paris as well.

Fashionable folks love to wear the creative and patterned colors of tartan that will surely catch anyone’s attention. If you want to don colored tartan yourself, just pick a pair that highlights the classic colored patterns, such as blue, red, yellow, and green, and get ready to turn people’s heads while you strut down the street.

Shield Sunglasses

img source: gq.com

You will say to yourself, “where’s the sun?” when wearing this essential accessory. Shield sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sunlight but also take your fashion style up a notch as stated by designeroptics.com.

It’s sleek and futuristic like you’re one of the characters in the movie Blade Runner.

You can wear a pair of small shield sunglasses in flashy colors, or you can wear an oversized pair to make a statement. Alternatively, you can match it with another essential accessory like a sophisticated Rolex watch to complete your fashion ensemble. We suggest checking out this site for more on watches.

Puff Shoulders

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Gone are the days of minimal fashion style this year. A copious amount of fabric is the thing nowadays. Oversized silhouettes, bold ruffles, and more lashings of fabric. Right now, puff shoulders appeared on both blouses and dresses. You can’t help but shout for joy, “It’s the 80s all over again!”

You can wear this look if you want to make your daytime clothing bold and creative. Just ensure that you don’t go overboard when it comes to this style, though. For that purpose, keep the rest of your outfit subdued.


img source: zara.net

Fashion is at the heart of many Serbians. That’s why if you want to look for a unique and world-class fashion style, follow their lead. You can take note of the fashion trends mentioned above to take your style to the next level.