In The Absence Of Dates, Why Not Seduce The Delivery Man?

The global pandemic was able to disrupt the lives of many people. Work, meetings with friends and family, among others, have been put on the back burner. Above all, it has affected the way people relate to each other. The intense coexistence or forced distance between friends, family and partners has been a challenge. Everything that used to be put off until later, now seems like the perfect time to resume.

An excuse to stimulate the imagination and, with it, the fantasies. But with health recommendations for social distancing and the use of masks, the situation can be complicated. Imagining a date, the kisses, the first approaches, the excitement and nervousness of meeting someone new, the spark of attraction and passion… Not to mention visiting some of the most popular escorts in Australia (

Flirting in pandemic times


The use of dating apps, access to online adult content and even the sale of sex toys have grown. One thing is clear: COVID-19 has failed to stop desire, attraction and sexuality.

That is why many are seeking new forms of self-satisfaction. And the fact is that, in most cases, the screen proves insufficient in the long term. That is why many of the classic fantasies are now becoming more popular. Even as a challenge in networks for some Aussie escorts and professional call girls who advertise on Skokka. These are the few people who, during confinement, have actually knocked on doors and are the deliverers.

Making any purchase online to avoid going out on the street and decrease the chances of being infected may be more advantageous. Sex with strangers is already exciting in itself, but for many, the satisfaction is greater if one is able to seduce and win over another person while being surprised at the same time.

Just open the door in lingerie or directly without clothes and observe the reaction of the person who delivers the product. This still implies health risks, but it can also have amusing results.

Better enjoyed alone or in company?


Sexual satisfaction is for many a necessity and something natural. Especially in confinement, when there is much more free time, at home and with more intimacy. Therefore, imagination and curiosity fly to open up the possibilities of pleasure.

New practices, postures, forms and fantasies to become reality. Taking this opportunity to discover what you love most, working on self-esteem with the aim of better overcoming confinement.

Finding ecstasy through a screen, in a neighbor who is also complying with all the prevention measures… The classic fantasies of the next-door neighbor, the uniforms and the delivery men are gaining popularity.

That spark and those emotions that awaken amidst the monotony of the pandemic. To break out of the cycle of bad news between the increase of the contagion and the crisis that will come after. To forget the evil and enjoy the moment.

All without leaving home, without thinking, just opening the door. A stranger you will most likely never meet again. Without prejudice or shame, just for the pleasure of seeing the reaction. A bit like the scene in Titanic where Rose wants Jack to paint her with his necklace, just with the jewel. But now you can recreate the scene of the pandemic version by appearing behind the door with a mask. It’s a good way to favor anonymity and then you won’t even be recognized if you run into that delivery boy again in the street.

There are some who fill their homes with toilet paper, others with beer, others with detergent, with sweets, machines, objects for home exercises, and DIY tools. And others, dedicated to making the most of their bodies and their best clothes. Among which, of course, there are no pajamas.

A matter of confidence and self-esteem


The global pandemic has challenged the way in which we relate to ourselves and others. Transforming life as it was known to put it on hold indefinitely. Many have had time to think and reflect on what they love most and what makes them happy.

This is why kissing, hugging and anything that involves physical closeness is now valued more whether it is with a lifelong partner or a sexy Southbank escort. Those demonstrations of affection and caring towards those closest to them. Although it was also an opportunity to develop one’s gifts of seduction and self-esteem.

To believe that one is capable of overcoming everything that is happening, to resume that longed-for new normality and to achieve all that one really desires, even if it is only a moment of pleasure with a delivery man.

Rethinking priorities and starting to work on continuing to grow and achieve everything one aims for. As if they were new goals for the year, but this time with seriousness. Trying to learn from all this, and remembering what really adds value and satisfaction to everyone’s daily life. So as to keep it in the foreground beyond COVID-19 and whatever comes later.