Most Common Misconceptions People Have About Sex Toys

Adult bedroom toys are much more popular in the world of today than they ever were before. The industry is booming as more and more customers flock to the online and real world stores to purchase their favorite products. Reasons for such a wider adoption are many and they have to do with numerous changes in our society. However, there still exist many common misconceptions about sex toys that prevents even more users from buying them.

Such myths have stopped millions from making the decision and enjoying their private time more through the use of a sex toy. In this article we will tackle the problem of the most common misconceptions people have about sex toys and determine what they are and why are they not true. If you wish to know more about the products themselves and browse a wide collection, we highly advise that you visit Lovify.

About Sex Toys

The umbrella term describes any type of product that is developed, made, and used to increase the sexual pleasure of the user. Numerous types exist that stimulate different parts of the body and various different fantasies, fetishes, and kinks. While they started off quite simple and straightforward, with the advances of science and technology modern customers have an incredible amount of different models to choose from.

All of this came thanks to the wider adoption of the products in the modern era of acceptance, liberty, and inclusion where people are largely encouraged to do what they like and be who they really are. Thanks to this new climate the sales of sex toys increased across the board and they became much more mainstream.

Without any further ado, let us now talk about the most common myths and theories that people have to stop believing about sex toys. They are not true so they do not really have a place in modern society.

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  1. They are for Single People Only

Most of the people who do not own these products think they are strictly made for single people. Believing they need help in the bedroom department since they currently lack a romantic partner makes them think that the adult toy industry is only for them, to help them feel better and stimulate themselves in more ways. This cannot be further away from the truth however. Although the first toys were made mainly for single (and sexually unsatisfied) people, modern times changed all that and nowadays couples use it far and wide. There are also toys specifically made for couple use that can make the pair’s sexual life better and more interesting.

  1. They Ruin Sex Life

Another common myth regarding the use of the toys claims that people can become used to how they play with them and then become disappointed with sex. Since their partners do not know what they like and enjoy, it feels boring and the toy user does not enjoy the intimacy as much as their alone time with the toy. This is not true and such things cannot be generalized. While addiction to anything is possible if overdone, misused, or abused, the claims that the mere use of a toy can ruin one’s expectations of the real thing is wrong.

These things are very subjective and although it takes time to become open and trustworthy in a relationship, if you cannot seem to get along in the bedroom at all maybe you are not the best fit. The toy is hardly to blame. The toys actually benefit the users on so many levels and cannot ruin one’s sex life, only enhance it and introduce new pleasures and feelings.

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  1. They are Only for Women

Again, such generalization and stereotypes have long lost their spot in the world. It is true that the first sex toys were aimed at women, mainly single women and those who wanted more. What is more, they were so strictly considered a female product that it was out of the question, it was synonymous with the gender. However, thanks to the aforementioned modern trends and the shift in our collective culture, there is not a sex toy for everyone.

No matter your gender and sexual orientation, nor your current romantic status, there is probably a toy out there for you. Men are buying more of them each year and it is easy to see why. The life-sized dolls with numerous functions and other high-tech toys aimed for male use have taken the market by storm, so much so that many are worried that some men would no longer want to have partners. This is an extreme of course and an obvious example of addiction and abuse. The truth of the matter is that men and women equally love and support the use of toys in the modern world, which is exactly how things should be.

  1. They are Unhealthy and Unsafe

This is pure fiction since the manufacturers carefully use the right materials and proper anatomy studies to develop the best toys. Great care is put into every single product that deals with sexual pleasures since the rules, laws, and regulations are strict. Moreover, there are manuals and tips included. Common sense and care are highly advised when using something so intimate so you should not have to worry.

Likewise, proper hygiene is necessary as well as safekeeping of the toys. There have also been reports and concerns of people hurting themselves with toys, but such cases are extremely rare and most often happen after too much unsafe experimenting. If you are careful and diligent enough, even if you generally enjoy things that are more rough and faster, you cannot hurt yourself any more than you can hurt yourself without the toy.

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  1. They are Pricey

Sex toys have fair prices for what they are made of, what they give you, and what they are. Just like with other things on the world markets, numerous types of quality and craftsmanship exist. Therefore, prices vary. Modern male toys with a lot of electronics and those larger in size can set you back especially if they are made with partnerships with certain brands and sponsors. But on average, anyone can afford a sex toy for occasional use without having to save money on the side and give up other pleasures of life.