The Ultimate Guide to Amazing Gift Hampers

Are you searching for an amazing gift hamper that will work for anyone and is ideal for your budget? A personalized hamper is thoughtful, unique, and useful. It should be packed with carefully selected presents that the recipient will love.

  • You must think about what the recipient will love and assemble the hamper using your hands.
  • Creating a personalized hamper requires more work than purchasing a pre-wrapped hamper. However, the extra effort you take to personalize the hamper makes it so much more meaningful.

A personalized and well-thought-out hamper that you make yourself is far much better than a pre-packaged hamper that you purchase at the shops. It will be well received by the recipient and the process of making it is fun. A pre-packaged hamper looks a bit impersonal.

What is a Gift Hamper?

A gift hamper is a collection of individual presents that have been carefully selected. It doesn’t have to cost much. It can cost less than $30. By buying gifts on eBay, you will save more. You can also add gifts that you have made yourself to maximize your savings.

A gift hamper is packaged in a basket, box, or gift bag. It can contain gourmet foods, fancy teas, wine, wine glasses, specialty coffee, homemade gifts, books, games, and spa gifts among other items. A gift hamper is usually handmade with the recipient in mind. There are gift hampers for Christmas, birthdays, housewarming, and corporate events among other occasions.

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Ideas on How to Use a Gift Hamper As a Gift

  1. Personalize It

Your gift hamper should be personal and appropriate for the recipient. A person will appreciate the time and effort that you spend personalizing a hamper.

  1. Choose a Theme

Having a theme for your gift hamper will narrow your options and make it easier to plan. The theme will reflect a particular occasion. A Christmas gift hamper is quite different from a birthday hamper.

If the occasion doesn’t reflect a particular theme, you should think about:

  • Who it is for
  • Their likes and dislikes
  • Their hobbies and interests

Some themes for a gift hamper include:

  • Food theme

Consider what the recipient loves to eat. You can create a wine hamper, BBQ-themed hamper, or chocolate hamper. You can opt for a gourmet food hamper by choosing foods that the recipient doesn’t enjoy regularly.

  • Crafting theme

You need to take into account the craft that someone enjoys. For a person who loves quilting, you should include quilting gifts.

  • Coffee theme
  • Sports themed-hamper
  • Gardening theme
  • Spa theme
  • Movie-themed hamper
  1. Decide on a Budget

You need to decide on how much you are prepared to spend. This will determine the items to include in your hamper.

  1. Make Your Hamper Presentable

Arrange your hamper properly to get the best results. Start with the largest items and arrange the smaller items around them. Use clear sticky tape to keep some items in position.

Follow the rule of thirds; arrange items in threes and strive to create a triangle shape with your gifts. Scatter some items around the hamper such as wrapped chocolates.

  • Some items can be tied or taped to the handle of the hamper.
  • If the hamper doesn’t look good, consider adding or subtracting filling.
  • Fill empty spaces with smaller items such as chocolates.
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  1. Packaging Ideas

You can package your gift hamper in any container. Popular ideas include a basket, gift bag, gift box, tote bag, a wooden crate, and a decorated shoebox.

  1. Use Lots of Lovely Filler

Filler will be used to fill gaps between gifts. It will style your hamper and make it more presentable. Filler ideas include scrunched gift wrap, fabric, scrunched tissue paper, and shredded tissue paper.

  1. Wrapping Ideas

Cellophane is the best wrapping because it is transparent. You can reuse cellophane from gifts that you have received and the packaging of items you have bought. This will reduce costs and waste.

  1. Decorating Ideas

Ribbon finishes will nicely decorate your hamper. You can purchase ribbons or collect them from items that you bought in the past. Paper flowers can also be used to decorate your hamper.

  1. Add a Personal Message

Don’t forget to include a card with a personal message.

What to Put in a Gift Hamper

You can put anything in a gift hamper. You should include gifts that are well-suited to the recipient. Items to put in a hamper will depend on the theme of the hamper.

Things you can put include:

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  • Foods

Food items are a safe bet for a hamper. You can include luxury chocolates, biscuits, and cheeses. If the person you are gifting is a foodie, make sure to include gourmet food. Find something that they don’t enjoy regularly. Check out the expiry dates of food items.

  • Spa Gifts

For a spa-themed hamper, you can include bath salts, lotions, creams, towels, a face washer, and a headband.

  • Coffee & Tea Gifts

Most people love coffee. Coffee gifts are practical and thoughtful. You can include a coffee or tea collection in your hamper. Specialty coffee and fancy teas will be appreciated. A unique coffee mug or teapot can be used.

  • Wine

Wine, beers, and gins are common items in gift hampers. If the person you are gifting doesn’t drink, you can add fancy soft drinks or luxury tea brands.

  • Books

For someone who loves books, why not include a book from their favorite author. A person who loves cooking will appreciate a recipe book that is filled with exciting meals they can try.

  • Games

Consider adding small puzzles and games to your hamper. These are perfect boredom busters and they can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  • Gardening Gifts

For a garden-themed hamper, you can include potted plants, pots, and seeds.

  • Luxury Soaps

Luxury soaps can spruce up your hamper. If the person you are gifting loves pampering themselves, consider adding luxury soaps and lotions. Find luxury soap with a good scent.

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The Bottom-Line

Gift hampers make amazing gifts and they can cost as little or as much as you want. A bespoke hamper will be appreciated by the recipient; it will show that you care about them. If you don’t have time to build your own hamper, we recommend buying from a supplier that sell hand-made hampers. Hampers With Bite is one such supplier who we have used and recommend.