Investment Ideas That Make Sense in 2024

It’s 2024, and the world has proven much less stable than we used to think. Investments that we have considered great now turn out useless, and new industries suddenly spring and prosper. So, should you try CFD trading online, purchase some real estate, improve your education, or what? Let’s see what investment ideas make sense in 2024 if you want your money to work for you.


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If you want to make money from home, trading is the first idea that comes to mind. It does not require big investments at the beginning, neither does it take expensive equipment or licensing. What it does take is self-education. Of course, you can take it as a sort of gambling, but please, don’t call it investments with such a view. Those who think it’s easy mostly lose their money within their first weeks, and their number is enormous.

If you decide to go into trading, make sure you have enough time to watch endless hours of videos, read miles of articles, learn dozens of new words, refresh your math skills from high school, install some new software on your PC and smartphone. Spend hours at demo platforms that may become your new favorite game, better than any simulator. You will make yourself a walking exchange, always connected and armed with stock reports.You can learn more on Investous.

Other sorts of knowledge will be useful as well. What do you want to try in trading? CFD? A great option, being legal almost worldwide, but quite risky. Forex? Crowded, but there is a lot to read, learn, and master, and all the education is free. Binary options? Why not, if you think you can tell a fair platform from a fraudulent one.

What’s the greatest about trading is that the education you get in the process will remain even if you decide not to go on. The money you may lose on your trading experience may return as you apply your skills elsewhere.

Real Estate

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Before the quarantine, more and more individuals chose a nomadic lifestyle, with their laptops, PayPal accounts, one suitcase of clothes, and new flats found in five minutes. The lockdown put this way of life on hold. Having a property suddenly became crucial. On the other hand, all these nomadic freelancers needed infrastructure of Airbnb hosts at their time.

So, imagine how hungry for travels they will be when the vaccination gets its job done. Purchasing a house or even an apartment in a popular tourist location (as much as your budget allows) can well pay. If you go this way, though, you better choose regions with natural POI’s that attract tourists regardless of events happening or canceled. Another factor is social and political stability; no need to explain.

Property means care, though. To make your property attractive for guests, you need to provide it with all the amenities, from water, heating, power, or Wi-Fi to fresh linen, cleaning, and breakfasts. Another part of this business is administering potential conflicts. Being a host takes some nerve and gut. And, of course, real estate requires bigger investments than trading or bank deposits.

Tech Companies

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The lockdown may be gone as COVID-19, and its strains are defeated (not if but when, you pessimists!), but new habits obtained are here to stay. Remote jobs, synced Netflix parties, audio rooms, video conferences with virtual backgrounds and soundscapes, food delivery, and many more habits will require more technology. No wonder you will hear about a new Clubhouse every now and then.

And, as the reality shows, the old giants (hey, are you calling Facebook and Google “old”?) accommodate very soon and catch up with upstart startups. So choosing the next big one or buying shares of an existing big player is quite a choice.

There is the third way, of course: start your own project, if you believe you have made a big invention or at least improvement. At early stages, it may require even more investments than you expect, but if you succeed, it’s them who will stand in line to invest into you. But if you have such an idea that drives you, hardly you will search for where else to invest.


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There is one thing behind cryptocurrency that seems to be overlooked by many investors and traders. What crypto and fiat currencies have in common is that they reflect people’s trust in their issuers, be it a first-world state or an anonymous user with a Japanese name. When there’s trust, there’s stability. As trust falls, rates change.

The question is: can governments stand the competition with soulless algorithms, immune to corruption, making no mistakes, open to everyone via blockchain? We guess, in the end, cryptocurrencies will not belong to any state but to the whole mankind, like literacy, mathematics, art, or religion does. They have established themselves strong enough, so will Bitcoin and its followers. Yes, it makes sense to get yourself some crypto… if you choose the right moment.

Education and Fitness

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Natural disasters may ruin your property. Financial crises may devalue your bank accounts. One tweet by Elon Musk can make you regret buying crypto. But what you have as long as you live is your mind and your body. Training both of them is the way to go.

In fact, any of the investments above requires gaining new skills and perfecting existing ones. But conscious self-education and fitness will make you only good, for either finding a job or starting a business. No matter where you live, you can do it online. Distance education is now more of a thing than ever. So is distance training: with a camera and a screen, you can both follow your instructor’s moves and let them control yours. But prepare that this sort of investment takes your time and effort as well as money.

Choose Your Way

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No matter which way to invest you choose, it will be better than just letting your money lie in a box and slowly devalue. Check your own interests and inclinations and see what resonates with your nature. Hope you will find yours among these ways.

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