Reasons Why an Applicant Get Denied for an E2 Visa

Applying American visa is not easy as it is. There are so many kinds of American endorsements that you might not know. Thus, in this article, we want to share with you the reason why an applicant gets denied an E2 visa based on AshooriLaw. Yes, that is right. Not all the applications are successful and approved.

An E2 visa is one of the most requested visas in America. Some individuals have an interest in making their profit more successful than others. As they said, they want to invest in some business in the US. Dollars are the dominant currency in the world. For that reason, many people take a risk to make a lining in the US.

Thus, as we said a while ago, you need to move to get the proper visa to start your goal. The US provides an affidavit that you can request. They will give you the requirements and meet the documents that they need. However, if you do not provide those documents or meet the deadline, having an E2 visa is impossible.

And that is the case where you get a denial letter, or they denied your application instantly. If that happens, you waste your time and effort. But, immigration gives you a chance to apply for a new request. They are open for re-application. Hence, make sure that you provide the complete documents you failed to give in your previous application.

Yes, that is right. You can apply multiple times. They give you the advancement to meet their requirements for your better future.

They consider your effort and provide chances until you complete your papers. Isn’t it fantastic?

Before anything else, let’s find more about E2 visas. And what is it all about?

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What is an E2 Visa?

An E2 visa is one of the most requested American visas, as we said a moment ago. It is for the people who are entrepreneurs, investors, or even run their business in the US. In short, it is a non-immigrant visa. Having an E2 endorsement is a tremendous advantage to others who want to profit from investment and even create their business and work for it.

Moreover, you can also renew this visa multiple times as long as you do your business excellently. If it turns out that way, well, that is good news for you. The US can grant you another year of endorsement. However, ensure that you provide the requirements while applying for extensions.

Factors that you need to meet to avoid a denied E2 visa application

It is normal to have qualifications when you are applying for visas. For that reason, we listed some factors that you need to have for your successful request for an E2 permit. These factors play a crucial role in granting your endorsement. It includes the following;

  • Be sure to have a profitable acquisition.

A successful stake is a key to your great profit in applying for this endorsement. You need to provide proof that your share or business has excellent potential in the future. You need supporting documents that show that you have a solid acquisition or profit-making business.

A great example is when you support a business with a low venture worth. Financing more than or higher merit of it needs to perform. That way, you can fill the qualifications that you need to produce.

On the other hand, if the practicality or venture is convincing and has a higher worth, then the requested percentage is lower than it. Practical financing that meets the demand rate is necessary to produce.

Another thing is, it is hiring an attorney that can help you with this matter. It is excellent work that the lawyer has exceptional experience in filling an E2 petition. That way, they can support and guide you upon applying.

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  • The Enterprise is Significant

When investing in a business venture, it must have the capability to gain more profit in years. In applying for an E2 visa, immigration is focused on your candidate organization to ensure that they can bring their profit to the second level. It is for your additional acquisition.

Besides, if they estimate it in years, the outcome is a non-profitable business. Then, your application might get denied. Five years is their estimated year to gain profit. But if it appears to see that it doesn’t have the capability. As a result, your E2 endorsement is impossible.

  • An Irrevocably Invested of your stake

Abusing the validity of your access is the factor that immigration needs to monitor. If you get your asset instantly upon arriving in the US, they might see it as a fraudulent acquisition. Financing resources, like inventory and renting the places for your venture, is an excellent idea.

That way, they can conclude that your share is in danger in a commercial sense. And managing your venture during your time in the US is a great strategy to acquire. That way, you can prevent an E2 denied application from occurring.

  • Owning half of the venture

This factor requires more attention upon applying for an E2 visa and, for that reason, showing them that you have operational control through a superior position. In that case, they consider the successful development of the venture where you have at least half of the corporation’s holdings.

  • The venture is legal.

The organization must be legit. Immigration is strict regarding US businesses. And when you use a venture and claim your share with it, they do their duty to assure your corporation’s legitimacy. If they are satisfied with the result, then you can wait for their excellent response.

However, if the venture is illegal, then your application is impossible. Immigration will provide you with a denied application instantly.

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  • You have a solid relationship with your home country

Having an E2 visa is not for applying for US residency. There is a proper endorsement that can be used to grant that intention. Thus, if you have the idea of an E2 endorsement application, then get over to that thinking.

In short, you must clear your thoughts when arriving in America, aside from business. And you have the intention to go back home after your E2 venture is done. In that case, your purpose is clear, and you built a great relationship with your home country.

  • A superior position is also necessary

This condition is significant for the workers of E2 treaty investors. It also has significance for their E2 visa denied since they are also appealing to receive an E2 permit. In this condition, the workers need to provide the demand of the immigration. It includes the following;

  • Same treaty country with the investors needs to acquire.
  • They need to follow all the rules and regulations of the United States law during their stay in that said country.
  • A directorial and superior position is a must—alternatively, specific qualifications for your US provision are also necessary.


We have come this far. We hope that we inform you of the information that you need about the denied E2 visa. We include details that are essential to avoid this denial from happening. Following those requirements is your key to a successful application. We hope that this article may help your future E2 request.

We are grateful that you keep on navigating these valuable details. Thank you, and have a nice day ahead!