Top 3 Apps That Can Help You Keep Your Family Safe

Technology progress has contributed to a lot easier and more convenient life. Nowadays, many mobile applications for various purposes can replace a task that used to take much longer to complete. Now we can easily get in touch with people who live abroad, we can play games on our cell phones that relax us, we can surf the Internet at any time and many other things that make our lives both simpler and more entertaining at the same time.

However, technology also has its negative impacts, especially on children. We all know that children nowadays use the internet, phones, and tablets too much, but it makes them jealous, envious, aggressive, abusive, etc. They also have access to content that is not appropriate for their age. Therefore, parental monitoring is required. Now there are phone tracker apps that people use to monitor their children or employees. In this article, we have selected the three best phone tracker applications that may help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

What does Phone tracker app mean?

A cell phone tracking app is software installed on somebody else’s device to track their activities, for example, their GPS location, call log, text messages, and more.  Parents often use it to monitor their child’s phone activity so they can keep them safe, or by enterprises seeking to supervise their employees’ activity while they are at work.

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SpyFone App

SpyFone app is a mobile phone tracking software designed for monitoring the activities of kids and employees. It is compatible with devices using Android devices over version 4.1., and all versions of iOS. Spyfone tracks the operations of the targeted device and sends it into your online account. As soon as you register, it will be possible for you to check up on any activity records and start tracking a targeted phone’s calls, text messages, location, and so on.

Pricing Plans

There are three plans that SpyFone offers: Basic, Premium, and the Xtreme plan. The Basic plan allows you to track the fundamental functions such as calls, messaging, and location. With the Premium plan, you can use the basic functions and track social media apps. Xtreme is the most expensive option compared to the above-mentioned. The Xtreme plan includes all the features from the Premium plan, plus real-time feature and call recording.

What Features Does SpyFone Have?

With SpyFone, users will be able to see call logs, SMS messages, contact lists, photos, the weblog, and monitor WhatsApp, Viber, and some other instant messages. The features provided on SpyFone depend on the subscription package that you have chosen.

First of all, you need to distinguish between Premium Features and Xtreme features. Among premium features, you can find social media networks and conversation apps. SMS Messages, Call History and Live location are of course in there, but you will also get:

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  • Geofencing
  • Photo Gallery
  • Web history
  • Block calls, SMS

For The Xtreme Package, the features are quite advance and the list extensive. Other than call recording and keylogger, which prove to be quite useful to the users, live viewing the video, live screen viewing and live remote control are also there. Not only this, but the package contains

  • All Premium features
  • Screen capturing
  • Surroundings listening

SpyFone will provide you with all the advanced monitoring functions you need. With SpyFone, you can read a person’s text messages and find out with whom he communicates. In addition, the real-time monitoring of a person’s location will let you easily identify the places he or she visits.

The disadvantage of this application is that it lags when the user of the phone is moving. In fact, it may take some time before the current location is displayed.

For some additional information about Spyfone, make sure to check their official website at

Teensafe app

TeenSafe was mainly created to protect children from online activities. It is the best option to avoid cyberbullying. While using TeenSafe you will be able to keep your children safe from unwanted situations because it is like staying with them 24 hours a day, but without telling them about it.

TeenSafe software will work on both Android and iOS devices. It is designed to support all iPhones and iPads, no matter what iOS version they are running. However, some devices are not supported. It supports a minimum Android version of 4.0.3 and above.

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TeenSafe Features

Even though the TeenSafe product includes some good features, it fails to provide an equal number of features compared to some of its competitors that are in the same price range.

Finally, take a minute to look at everything that you will be able to see when you install the TeenSafe app on your child’s phone.

  • Call tracker
  • SMS tracker
  • Web History tracker
  • Location tracker
  • Geofencing
  • Social media tracker
  • SIM tracker

Pricing plans

You may receive better prices depending on the current promotions.

TeenSafe has 3 android pricing plans: Basic Android monitoring. (No Root), Premium Android Monitoring. (No Root), Premium Android monitoring solution for 3 devices. (No Root).

TeenSafe’s 3 iPhone Monitoring Pricing Plans (No Jailbreak and No Download Required):

Family (No Jailbreak and No Download Required), Premium (iOS no jailbreak monitoring solution), Business (iOS no jailbreak monitoring solution for 25 devices)

You require physical access to the device for Android target devices. Physical access is also needed for iOS target devices if the iCloud backup is not activated on the target device or if two-factor authentication is activated.

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CocoSpy App

CocoSpy is just another spyware app for iOS and Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher versions and iOS devices running any version of iOS, which keeps track of the target’s social media activities. Using the app, users can easily see the messages shared on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The monitored information includes the photos and videos exchanged between them.

CocoSpy Features

There are very useful parental control features in this application.

  • GPS tracking & Geo-fencing
  • SMS messages
  • Social media messages
  • Call history
  • View media files
  • View your browser history

Pricing Plans

When it comes to the cost of this CocoSpy app, you will be glad to know that it is not expensive at all. There are three android plans for you to choose from when you install this app: Basic, Premium, and Family, and three for iPhones: Family, Premium, and Business.

However, when you compare the premium version with the family version, the difference is that the family version allows you to monitor up to three different devices. While the basic version provides you with the minimum features like call logs, messages, GPS tracking, browsing history, photos, contacts, videos, and bookmarks. If you want more features besides these basic ones, consider purchasing the premium or family package.

The negative thing about this app is that there are missing advanced features like call recording or cell phone snapshots.

There are more than 20 types of such applications, and it makes it difficult for us to choose the one that is best for us. This is because some of the apps only have basic features like GPS location tracking, on the other hand, others have expanded features like social media monitoring, phone call recording, real-time tracking, and remote camera access.

To sum up, we can recommend the SpyFone app as one with the most advanced features compared to the other two. SpyFone app has a variety of options and advanced features such as live tracking functions, call recording, screen capturing, and more.