Top 3 Apps That Can Help You Keep Your Family Safe

Technology progress has contributed to a lot easier and more convenient life. Nowadays, many mobile applications for various purposes can replace a task that used to take much longer to complete. Now we can easily get in touch with people who live abroad, we can play games on our cell phones that relax us, we … Read more

Serbia Prepares Surrogacy Law

The first draft of the future Civil Code provides an introduction for surrogate motherhood in Serbia. This means the possibility of concluding a contract between the future mother or father, and a woman who will carry and give birth to their baby. Cash compensation for the service is not predicted, RTS reported. The possibility of … Read more

How Serbian children are discriminated … in Serbia

White plague and immigration ravaged schools and villages in many municipalities of Serbia. There are more and more half-empty classrooms, and in many villages the number of students from the first to the fourth grade ranges from one to ten. This is also the case in two Resava municipalities, district of Branicevo, villages around Negotin … Read more