Best Card Games for Families: Fun and Bonding With Cards

When one thinks of family time, what comes to mind? Family vacations? Disney theme park trips? Some time with the family dog in a park? Going out for some dinner (or pizza night)? All these options point to a sturdy fact; there are many activities a family can embark on to increase bonding and fun among themselves.

At the same time, they can also create memories that will surely last a lifetime. However, there is one other option that has not been mentioned – games. There are many games that families can engage in to increase bonding and serve as a means of creating fun, even right there in the home.

From board games like Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders to card games that are more than numerous, it is a given that every family who decides to spend the day at home will be engaged without having to step out of the home. Card games always provide fun for partners and families, after all.

In this article, you will learn about different card games (some familiar and some not) and how to play them. Keep in mind that there are numerous ways to skin a cat, meaning some of the games that will be mentioned here might have different approaches. Read on to know which card games are the best to increase bonding and serve as a source of fun during family night.

The Greatest Card Games for Families


So, here are the best card games for families looking to have fun on game night without literally breaking the bank:

1. Spoons

Never heard of it? Well, now you have. Spoons is a popular fast-paced family card game that is played with a card deck and, as the name suggests, spoons. Get spoons one less than the total number of players and arrange them on the playing surface. Share four cards for each player, and pick one more to be passed around.

Any player who has four similar cards can pick up the spoon. As soon as the first spoon is grabbed, all other players should grab their spoons, no matter the type of cards at hand. The person without a spoon is disqualified, and this is repeated until there is a winner.

2. Go Fish

A classic card game played all over the world, Go Fish is as simple as it is popular. Players are given a specific number of cards to start with and are allowed the chance to request the card they want. The aim of the game is to get four similar cards or two similar pairs. If there is a card request and no player has the card, the player is asked to “go fish” or “go fishing.” The player with the most similar cards wins.

This card game that you can find on is highly beneficial for young children, as it helps them build their memory and cognitive skills.

3. Exploding Kittens


The popular card game is so called due to the main card around which the game revolves. Also referred to as a highly strategic version of Russian roulette, Exploding Kittens is a card game that deals in strategic moves and knowing when to play which card. No one wants to pull out an Exploding Kitten, but when you do, you have to think of what card to use to “defuse” it. Not defusing the card takes you out of the game.

The game is also well-liked due to the hilarious drawings, witty text, and lettering found on the cards. Apart from the main card, you will find cards like “kitten yoga,” “rub the belly of a pig-a-corn,” and “weaponized back hair” cards. Of course, there is a measure of chance and luck, but if you play your cards right, you just might end up winning the biggest pizza slice for the night ahead of your siblings and parents.

4. Kids Against Maturity

You probably have played the card game Apples to Apples with your kids, and are looking for something more complex. If you belong to this category, then this is the best solution. Kids Against Maturity is a common card game introduced by parents who enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity but believe it is too much of a step for kids.

It is, however, very similar to the former; players get ten answer cards and play judge in turns. Reading the question and getting the answer right throws a lot of twists and turns into the game, which is why kids and adults alike enjoy it. If you think your kids aren’t ready for it yet, then you can scan the deck ahead of time and remove “impurities.”

5. Uno


If you have never heard of this classic family-friendly card game, then it might point to the fact that you need to visit people more in their homes. Uno is a very popular game among children and adults alike. It is common with children due to its colorful design and lively gameplay. Adults like playing it due to its unpredictable nature and wild twists.

The main aim of this game is to discard all your cards as you progress through the rounds. When one player adds their cards to the pile, the next player drops a card having the same number or color akin to the previously played card.

This card game is sure to raise your family spirit in a big way.


Family card games have always been seen as more than just games, largely due to their ability to lift a family’s spirits. It also serves as an outlet of fun, joy, and laughter for the family, and who does not want that? Nevertheless, any card game that helps the family create memories, spend quality time with each other, and bond with family members (whether nuclear or extended) is something to emulate and repeat.

Whether it be a quick game of trivia or a long-drawn-out game of Uno, as long as it provides happiness and fun, then it should be considered. Take your pick from among the ones mentioned in this article and start playing today!