Exotic Animal: Mink

Keeping an exotic animal at home can certainly be challenging. But what if you want to do a good thing and save a mink from being killed in order to make a coat from its fur? Can they adapt to being home pets at all? Let’s find out. Most people believe that minks are extremely … Read more

How You Can Protect Yourself From Hackers

There seems to be a misconstrued opinion about hackers amongst a lot of small business owners. A survey conducted in 2023, showed that 56% of small businesses were “unconcerned” about the threat of a cyber security attack. Perhaps what is more troubling is that 28% of small businesses confirmed they do not have a response in place … Read more

7 Cities Young People Will Love in North Carolina

There are many great locations for young people to start a career, locations that have growing economies and plenty of job opportunities. Cities like Austin, Texas are usually the first that comes to mind when people discuss cities that young people would flourish in. As a state, North Carolina actually has some of the most … Read more