Benefits of Student Accommodation in 2024

Student accommodation is one of the first things that needed to be planned out after securing a seat in a university or college situated away from home. Since, college courses are usually longer than a year student prefers accommodations which are affordable, nearer to the campus and easy to commute. These are a few factors that are usually looked at by students before booking accommodation.

Accommodation sites like amber student help students find the perfect accommodation having all the basic amenities required by students. The accommodation chosen should have a perfect location so that you can study well without any difficulty. The environment that one life largely impacts the quality of life you are to lead and also affects your mental peace. Thus, it is important to choose accommodation by considering all the factors.

There are various types of accommodation that one can opt for while being a student. Some of them are listed below:

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  1. Studio: Studio apartments consist of a single room which serves as the combined living, dining and bedroom.
  2. En-suite: En-suite rooms have private spaces and are perfect for student accommodation.
  3. On-campus: On-campus, accommodation is the best for the students as the problem of commuting regularly is solved.
  4. Private hall of residences is also provided for student accommodation. However, several students need to share the same. This may be a problem for some students.
  5. Shared apartments: Shared apartments are also another option which students can opt. In this case, a single apartment is shared by two or more students.
  6. Shared en suite: Shared en suite is shared by several students having a large space and a single kitchen.
  7. Dual occupancy studio: This site is for two people and is shared between them.

There are various options that one can choose from while finding the best accommodation type that suits you.

The following list gives details of the benefits of student accommodation:

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  1. Affordability: As the accommodation is meant for students the places are usually affordable and have all the basic amenities. When you share the place with someone else the rent also gets divided among the individuals. The apartment usually has amenities like electricity, wifi, water supply, furniture’s, mattress and also food in some cases. Since the students need to manage their expenses on their own and save as much money as possible accommodation must be as cheap as possible. Sharing of costs with other flat-mates can make your living more affordable. You need to look compare the services provided in each accommodation and choose the one with the best services and prices.
  2. Security: Safety and security is another factor that is looked at by students while choosing an apartment. This is also provided by student accommodators mostly in on-campus accommodation where wardens are available to take care of your needs. The apartments are also well equipped with CCTV cameras so that no unwanted individuals can enter and cause harm.
  3. When living in a new place with other unknown people you get to know new people, understand their culture and learn to socialize with new unknown people. It is a skill that you need to learn as it will be important in every aspect of your life. Settling as fast as you can be of great help for you to start concentrating on your studies. You gain new friends in the process which will make your journey enjoyable. Friends can make you feel at home as you are going to share your place with them, eat together, go out together, watch a movie together and also play games together. This bonding will be important in the long run as it is one of the things that will make your long stay enjoyable. You will also learn to respect different cultures and can also inculcate the values that you deem appropriate.
  4. Accommodations are usually at localities which are nearer to shopping malls, book stores, bus stops and market place. This makes it easier for you to collect your consumables from these stores. They are also nearer to your college from where you can travel easily without much difficulty even if you are late on some days. While selecting the accommodations you should make sure that every essential facility is close to you for you to travel at ease. ATMs distance should also be considered by you while choosing the accommodations.
  5. Living in accommodations in groups helps you to participate in larger activities. You also have a chance to organize these events on your own. A common interest among students is also known for utilizing these activities and they have a chance to grow and sharpen their areas of interest.
  6. You can learn many things from your flat mate including sharing of study tips and also learn ways by which you can adjust with other people and live together. These are valuable lessons that are to be learned and, in the process, make you better.
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You will learn the lesson of adjusting in uncomfortable situations and also know how to face life. These lessons are as important as lessons learned in class.

There are various means of accommodations available. You can choose the one that fits you based on your likes, services that are essential for you and also have a look at the budget that these services are being provided. For some personal space is important, then it’s better if you go for flats that are for single accommodation.

If you are an extrovert and love the company of other people then you may opt for living in halls which are also cheaper on the budget site. But the most important thing to look for is the environment which must be suitable for you to concentrate and study as this is the reason you have travelled this far. Flat mates will be your family till you complete your course so you must choose the persons with whom you think you will be comfortable. Your stay away from home will make you responsible and in the process teach you many important life lessons.