Best Android Apps Not on Play Store

Some apps on the play store are not accessible to everybody, the applications in this list are not allowed on the play store for a reason. You can still download them from third-party websites, but we suggests you don’t because it is against google policy.

Whenever you try to install an app that is not on Playstore Google will ask you whether you trust this app or not, even if there’s no option to bypass that then also it would be safe enough to say that every android user has installed some apps from play store and most of us have visited third party websites just to get any app from them and most of us don’t even know how secure these sites and apps are and whether they really do what they promise.

Also, we all know if we allow an “untrusted” app to access our phone’s data then it can do anything with it. This is why you should be careful when installing third-party apps, not all of them are harmful but some of them might be. The following list contains the best apps which are allowed on the play store, we compiled this list just for fun and nothing more than that. For more apps you can check out

XTunes Music Player

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Xtunes is a music player app made for android, this app is something similar to the default music player by Google. This app allows you to download songs directly from youtube with 1080p quality and really fast speed. That’s why we think this app is above the default player. You can search for any song you want on youtube with Xtunes music player.


This is one of the most downloaded and players games in the current generation. Made by Epic Games the games were super easily downloadable on the Play Store but all that changed because Google wanted a bigger cut of their profit.

Google wanted thirty percent of the cut of the transactions that went in the game that was on their platform.  But that was not well received by Epic games which is a big company with the capacity to provide software updates as well as process worldwide payments. To download Fortnite You must go to its site then download Fortnite Launcher that will download the game directly from their website.

Youtube Vanced

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YouTube advanced is the best Youtube app you can get. You can have the same features as YouTube. This app won’t be on the store naturally, but you can get it super easy on their website.

The app comes with premium features like themes and background playback, other types of support, and features that fit to screen. YouTube Premium allows you to stream 4k videos. The app is an amazing type of solution to get rid of those pesky Youtube ads and to use the minimize Youtube feature that is missing from the Youtube app. So a great way to get all those premium features for free. Truly an amazing application.

Viper4Android (Driver)

This type of app isn’t always available on the Play Store, but it’s part of many people’s daily life. Viper4Android driver is an equalizer that can be downloaded from XDA-Developers without having to pay any money at all! This amazing software will allow you to adjust your music experience and take care of your songs.

Reddit Sync Pro


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Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the world, and Reddit Sync enables you to sync content for offline use on your mobile device. There are no ads (you even get your own ad-free Reddit experience) or hidden costs; It’s completely free!

DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge is an app that helps you save battery life, extend battery time and also charge your phone much faster than usual. It’s one of the most downloaded apps in the world with more than 100 million downloads to date!


Adguard is an efficient way to block ads at the router level. It can protect all devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network without any additional configuration. Adguard automatically catches each request from your device, inspects it and decides whether or not to block it. If you like browsing clean web pages without spam and unnecessary elements, this is a must-have app.


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AirDroid is an excellent way to manage your Android smartphone or tablet from PC easily and wirelessly, without any USB cable needed. With this easy-to-use tool, you can send text messages (SMS), start/stop music playing, take screenshots, move files, manage contacts, check out the latest notifications (including Facebook messages and WhatsApp messages), install new apps or update your system effortlessly.


AutoApps is an app that offers many different types of modules for Tasker which brings much more functionality to this Android automation tool. With these modules you can create custom Tasker conditions and actions, add more widgets to Tasker, create custom notification buttons in the notification bar and much more. You can also be a part of it by developing your own AutoApps modules using its API.

Auxy Music Studio

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Auxy Music Studio is a free music app that lets you create awesome songs with ease. You can choose from multiple sounds and samples, mix tracks together by layering, create your own custom chords and melodies, vary the intensity of each sound for an effects-like result or go completely crazy on iPad to create something really unique!

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is one of the top video apps in the world which lets you watch any movie or TV show available online without paying anything or signing up to restrictive services. You can download movies and enjoy them offline, anytime and anywhere!

These are some of the most famous apps that aren’t available on Google’s store. You can download them without any worry.