Best Dating Websites in Serbia 2024

Whether looking for a long-term commitment or just looking for adventures, you are still in the same place with others looking for a partner. For some people, dating is easy and they are able to find partners pretty easily because of characteristics that they have, whether that is good communication skills or just looks. However, there are people who find partners outside pretty hard, and they need some sort of help, for example dating websites to look for love.

When living in the Balkans, and especially Serbia, you will have to know some things before you look for a partner in this area. The locals who live there live different than the other people and have a different mentality that you should understand before you go out and try to attract someone. When using a website, you will have to fulfill some criteriums before you go online and appear on someone’s list of people. Before diving into this article, we want to advise that a lot of serbians as well as other people around the world now use Adult Friend Finder as their go-to app for finding long-term love or a short fling. You can also have a look at a full review and evaluation of Adult Friend Finder here

In this article, we will talk about the best dating websites that you can use in Serbia in order to find love, relationships, or just adventures.


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This application is one of the most used because it is the most famous one. As more people seen it in use in the USA, they started using it there as well. This is a great application because you can choose strictly what are your preferences and all you have to do is to swipe left or right depending on if you find that person attractive or not.

Before you get to the swiping, you will have to set your profile right. You will need some pictures, where you look good, but you still look like that so you don’t catfish somebody. When writing your bio, you will have to use some sort of humor, to attract more people and set up the mood right. Then, you choose what type of people you find attractive, whether females or males and the age preference as well.

After that, all you have to do is to swipe and find people that you like. If both you and the other person like your profiles, then you are matched and you can proceed to the talking phase because looks are not the only thing that is important when dating. This is maybe the most important one because you have to know each other and you will need to be slick with it to be able to score a date.

Keep in mind, you won’t always have a lot of luck with dating which is fine. So, in your downtime, you could consider restoring to sex toys, dols, etc. as suggested by myminisexdoll.


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This is a slightly less used tool, but you can still find people using this in Serbia. What differs this one from the previous app, is that if you are a woman, trying to find a man for yourself, you will have to do the first move. This is really beneficial to avoid unwanted contact, so if you are attracted, you will have to step up and say the first words. The profile setup is basically the same, however, this is less used than the previous option, so you might want to use that before this.


This site is specifically made to date Serbian people, not just in Serbia but anywhere in the world as well. If you want to find a Serbian partner somewhere in the US, you can make an account and find partners with the same roots as yours.


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This app is specifically made for the LGBTQ community, that is why, if you are attracted to persons of the same sex as yours, this might be your best option. Because of the fact that people who are and are attracted to LGBTQ people are still not accepted well in these regions, and that is still a taboo, dating might be some kind of a secret. That is why apps like these are made to ease the whole process and help these people find partners and overall happiness.

You set up your profile like on the previous apps, with the option to select what are you looking for, so depending on your sexuality, you find what are you looking for, you engage in a conversation and if you are both interested, you meet up and do your thing. If not, it is easy to ghost somebody and continue with your life.


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Although this is a regular social media app, where people upload pictures or videos daily and its not meant for dating at all, still, this app is one of the most used tools for dating and looking for partners. When you find someone you like, you follow them and you wait for a situation to start communicating. IF the other person is interested, they will reply, if not, you move on. That simple. A simple strategy that everyone seems to follow, is to wait for a story where you can slide, and then reply to it. If the person is interested you will receive a text back, and then you talk until you meet.

If you are trying to find somebody in Serbia, maybe this is your best option, especially if you are from another state, you will become interesting to the people since everybody is welcoming and everyone is trying to learn how things are abroad.


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This social media app was used more for this purpose before they started using other apps. People who still use this app are more comfortable with Instagram so they don’t shoot their shot on these messaging tools. Maybe you would want to stay away from this app if you are just trying to find a partner there because you are more likely to be left without a message reply or a chance for more.

Things to consider

Since the locals there are more open and talkative, the best way to find a partner there is outside. People are way more attracted to physical attraction when you speak in person than when sliding in online. So, what you should do is to visit the local clubs or other nightlife events and maybe try your luck this way. If you still want to use online dating tools, at least have a good profile, and make sure that you send messages in a good period of the day, that means that if you message somebody early in the morning, you will not receive anything back.