Best UFO Led High Bay Light 200w – 2024 Edition

While most lighting systems were using standard light bulbs for decades, we can see the most popular solution these days is LED technology that provides more light along with higher efficiency and less energy consumption. LED light represents a great alternative to other types like sodium lights, HID, CFL, and more. There are many benefits from switching to this technology, such as longer lifespan, better performances, increased safety, modern design, flexibility, and many more.

Moreover, the main reason why people would rather choose some LED lights is that there is a wide selection of models and many interesting designs and sizes. If you are interested in some of the best LED-light products on the market, visit this website, where you can find some of the best UFO High Bay Lights. The main advantages of these lights are quality, simple installation, and improved effectivity. Here are some of the best UFO High Bay Lights with the power of 200w that you can buy in 2024.

Lighting EVER 200W Dimmable UFO LED High Bay Lighting

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This light is completely dimmable, and it can work with a fainter with a power of up to 10V. Also, it can provide the same effectivity as a metal halide lamp, which is using 400 watts. In that matter, you will save 50% energy by using this product. Furthermore, it provides you with high efficiency and covers the same as some other systems with much higher power usage. Besides that, the design is also well-fitting with aluminum details and fade resistance. Moreover, the UFO Led High Bay from Lighting EVER comes in a compact size with dimensions of 16.54 x 5.9 inches and has features like water resistance, versatility, dimming, and less consumption of energy.

All Green Opto

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The High Bay Led light from All Green Opto is another excellent product that provides you with higher efficiency and the ability to configure it with timer dimming and photocell. The process of installation is quite simple, and the company that manufactures this product provides the clients with 10 years of warranty. You can set-up three beam angles, with 60, 90, and 120 degrees. Also, it can work outside without any problems in a range of temperatures between -30 and over 40 degrees Celsius. The dimensions are 88 x 192 x 320mm. While you can install it in your yard, the best use of this light is for libraries, warehouses, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and other bigger places.

iShine Lux

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If you are looking for a high bay with improved design along with the high-quality, this one from iShine company might be the best solution. Besides the great appearance, it has a microwave sensor and the range of dimming between 1 and 10V. When it comes to chip and driver, it is using ones from well-known brands, such as Phillips. Moreover, there is no warming uptime, the light will switch up instantly. Also, the aluminum elements provide this light with better thermal control. Furthermore, you will get an additional 5 years of warranty if you buy this product. The temperature resistance is between -35 and over 50 degrees Celsius.

IShine Elegant

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This one is perfect for restaurants, fast foods, and other objects where the food is served, especially because it is dust-proof. Besides being able to provide you with great performances, this high bay has improved safety with a lens made of clear polycarbonate. Moreover, better heating control is achieved with aluminum parts. Also, turning on and restarting is a very fast process that does not require warming or cooling down. You will get between 5 and 7 years of warranty. However, if you choose to use it in the parking lot, or any other place outside, the warranty is 3 years.

Lightdot 2 Pack

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The UFO High Bay from Lightdot will provide you with amazing lumen and brightness. There are two LED lights in the package, and the power of 200w is enough to serve you with high efficiency for a long time. Besides that, this product comes with a flexible cable which is 5ft long and helps you with a more convenient installation. The amount of lumen power is 24,000, which is achieved with 280 diodes of LEDs in the light.  The main benefits are quick installation, excellent brightness, and great value for money. You will get an additional 5 years of warranty as well.


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This high bay has enough power to install it in supermarkets, gyms, stores, and even stadiums. The lighting output is 24,000 lumens. You will also get a cable witch is a great advantage over many similar products that do not include one in a package. Also, you can control the lightning output since it is dimmable. The main features of this product are great power output, ability to control the brightness, lightweight, 5 years of warranty, and the average lifetime of over 20 years. While it comes with a slightly bigger price than similar High Bays, it will provide you with great efficiency and durability.


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The High Bay LED light from Q QINGCHEN represents one of the most powerful lighting systems with the power of 200w. That is because it has a power output of 1500W and up to 26,000 lumens. Moreover, it has an attractive design with parts made of aluminum, which is also helpful with resistance to heat. Another great feature is the lifespan of over 50,000 working hours and additional 5ft cable for easier installation. While the only downside is that some LEDs may last shorter than other ones, the benefits are a great power and simple setting up.


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Treonyia is the most powerful High Bay light in this list, with the ability to reach 28,000 lumens. Also, it has great stability and resistance. You will also get a cable in the package that will help you with easier installation. Moreover, you can easily install it in any place since the lights are dimmable. The ability to control brightness can save a lot of energy. This LED light is waterproof, and the warranty is 5 years. Moreover, since it has great quality and amazing power, it has a slightly bigger price than other similar products, which is around 110$.