Cashmere Vs Wool: What Is Better – 2024 Guide

Although winter still seems distant to us – it is not so. Are you thinking about renovating your winter wardrobe? Of course, it’s not always just about jackets and coats. We should also think about knitwear, hats, cashmere scarves, and other accessories – without which winter fashion cannot pass. And speaking of impermanence – the two materials that are always in fashion are cashmere and wool. But what to choose? Cashmere Vs wool – what is better? We will try to reveal that in this text.

Winter Wardrobe: Quality And Style

When the temperatures drop, it’s time for clothes that keep us warm. We are attracted by a rich offer of knitted items made of various materials. However, before you buy an attractive piece, such as a merino wool sweater or a cashmere scarf, check its composition – because you can pay much more for a product than it is worth it. If it is a mixture of materials – it should contain at least 30 percent natural materials.

Clothes made of completely natural materials are generally more expensive, but also more comfortable to wear. What is known is that the best pieces are made of wool and cashmere. But what to choose from those two? Will we be guided by price, quality, or is it a matter of personal taste? Maybe you will choose it for the need? Want to opt for a wool sweater, or you prefer a nice and soft cashmere scarf? We will try to bring these two materials closer to you, and who will be the winner in the Cashmere Vs Wool fight? You can decide for yourself.

Cashmere Vs Wool

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Products made of cashmere and wool, and especially merino wool – are in great demand, especially in the cold season. Both retain heat well, are made of natural materials, and are pleasant to the touch. What to prefer: cashmere scarf or wool gloves? And what are the main advantages of each type of yarn? Let’s try to find out.

Origin Of Material

Let’s start with the main difference. Cashmere is hand-picked wool obtained from mountain goats. Wool, on the other hand, is obtained from sheep’s fur. Despite the similar appearance, the properties of goat and sheep wool differ significantly. The colors fade on cashmere products. For example, the real cashmere scarf will only be available in brown, gray, or white color. The matter of bright colors directly indicates that a certain percentage of silk is present in it.

But wool yarn can be dyed in any color. It is much more durable than cashmere – it can serve for more than 10 years, and it looks brand new. However, cashmere clothes are several times warmer. Just think of that favorite cashmere scarf and the feeling of warmth and softness you get from it. You will admit – nothing can compare to that.

Washing and Maintenance

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When it comes to cleaning a piece of clothing from these materials, differences also exist. Cashmere is washed in lukewarm water using the most gentle detergents, such as baby shampoo. Cleaning is not recommended at all to preserve the appearance of the product. On the other hand – wool yarn is more practical and can be easily washed and cleaned.

What Is Cashmere?

Cashmere is not wool, but the hair of mountain goats that live on the plateaus of Asia, such as India, Mongolia, and China. During the winter, the climate in these places is very harsh, and goats, to protect themselves from frost, start to grow thick undercoats. With the appearance of heat, they reject the undercoat. At this point, people collect the flakes of fur that are combed by hand, avoiding the entry of coarse wool from the top layer.

After the hair is obtained by hand, it is thoroughly washed. Cashmere threads are three times thinner than a human hair. From one goat you can get just 150 to 200 grams of pure cashmere per year. Therefore, products such as a cashmere scarf or a sweater will most certainly have a bigger price tag.

How To Recognize The Real Cashmere Product?

Real cashmere items are extremely soft, sensitive, and pleasant to the touch. According to Ovcio, they do not stretch and do not cause allergies. Cashmere practically does not absorb any smells – which provides a feeling of freshness and comfort for a long time. The softness of the cashmere scarf can be compared to silk. Some companies even specialize in the production of some clothing pieces of special varieties.

Wool: Choose Merino

Wool heats better than any material, and after creasing it returns to its original state and practically does not have to be ironed. True, it can sting and that is why it should not be worn on bare skin, but there are mixtures that solve this problem. Merino, mohair, and angora are very popular. The widely known Merino wool is most often used in the making of wool wardrobes. It is obtained from small fluffy sheep of the merino breed.

These animals were first bred in Spain and Portugal but were later celebrated by countries like Australia and New Zealand. This wool has several undeniable advantages. It is much thinner than ordinary but retains heat perfectly. Very soft, completely unstitched, light, and durable at the same time.

Wool Is More Resistant

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Merino items are resistant to various contaminants. Just wash the dirt off your clothes and it won’t soak up. This wool can absorb up to one-third of its moisture content. Due to this property, the human body remains dry and warm. Merino wool does not irritate the skin and has excellent antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is very often used to make children’s clothes.

Use Of Cashmere And Wool

Due to the complex and specific structure of the fabric, cashmere is not suitable for making all garments. Cashmere scarves, coats, soft berets, etc. are usually made. Cashmere sweaters and dresses are especially popular. On the other hand, wool, and especially Merino wool – is widely used to make almost all types of clothing: sweaters, hats, gloves, and socks.


Buying clothes has not only an aesthetic purpose, but we should also make us feel comfortable in it – and our wallet should be satisfied with that. Although artificial materials indeed cost less – their regular use can have a bad effect on the condition of our skin and overall health. Sometimes it is better to save, and treat your body with a piece of clothing made of natural materials such as cashmere scarf – than to buy cheap pieces that will not last long. Quality also allows you the durability of a particular piece of clothing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cashmere scarf or a wool sweater, are pieces for which you need to set aside more money than usual.