7 Common Casino Myths Busted

If you’ve ever had any interest in casinos, then you’ve definitely heard one or two crazy things about them. In fact, some myths are so pervasive that many people believe them to be absolute facts. It’s understandable that new players will have some misconceptions and make errors.

However, many of the most widely believed rumors about casinos are nothing more than myths. Some of which can actually hurt your chances of winning. Perhaps some were based on truth at one point, but no longer are.

In addition to affecting your chances, they can also be damaging to the casino’s reputation and ruin the enjoyment players get from visiting casinos.

Myth #1 – Casino Games Are Rigged

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Even some players who have been going to casinos for years still believe that to some extent certain games are rigged. It’s a surprisingly common misconception among people who persist in playing the games anyway. Even if they believe that it will not give them fair odds of winning.

Luckily, this is false and respected casinos do not engage in any type of game rigging at all. So, when you’re on a bad losing stream, it’s no fault of the game. It’s just that you aren’t making the right bets, or the getting lucky at the slot game you’re playing.

There are very strict rules and standards casinos must abide by in order to keep their licensing. Therefore, it’s not likely that you will come across one that rigs games to keep players from winning.

Myth #2 – It’s Illegal to Count Cards

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For some games, card counting is a possibility that many skilled math whizzes put a lot of time into learning. Basically, what you accomplish by counting cards is a calculation of the probability that you’ll win the hand. Based on the cards expected to come up. You might have seen this done in movies where it did not end well for the characters.

Anything that you can do in your mind only, without actually manipulating the game physical can’t be illegal. Because it’s basically you just using your brainpower. However, casinos still reserve the right to refuse service at their discretion. So, if you plan to count cards, don’t be obvious about it or you could end up banned from the casino.

Myth #3 – Casinos Pump Oxygen into the Rooms

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One of the most commonly accepted myths is that casinos pump pure oxygen in the air which keeps people feeling awake and therefore, staying around to gamble for longer. No one knows where this rumour started and whether there was ever any truth to it. But plenty of people believe this myth to be true. However, pumping oxygen into the air is going to increase the chances of a fire starting in the building. Which is something the casino would never want to happen.

Indeed, there are a few things land-based casinos do in order to keep visitors playing for longer. Such as keeping clocks out of sight, giving out free drinks and food and more. But these concerns are easily eliminated by playing at an online betting site like Elarabcasino.com.

Myth #4 – All Games Are Based Solely on Luck

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While many of the most exciting games which also provide huge payouts are based on luck. This is not true for every single type of casino game. For example, games like poker and blackjack do require some smart decisions and skills in order to win. Unlike slots, it’s very rare for someone who knows nothing about these games to end up winning big.

Myth #5 – It’s Possible to Be “Due” For a Win

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This one is due to nothing but human nature, we feel that because we’ve been playing the same game for a while without any luck, that eventually the game will payout so big that it will make up for the losses. However, this is nothing more than wishful thinking. The reality is that just because you’ve been at a game for a certain time, or spent a certain amount of money, does not mean you will win soon.

In fact, the probability of each outcome is the exact same. Whether it’s your first spin on a slot game or your 50th.

Myth #6 – Dealers Can Manipulate the Outcomes

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When players are winning, they love to believe that it’s because they have some special skill in the game. However, when a loss occurs, it’s the exact opposite, instead of taking it as part of the game. They will sometimes look for something or someone to blame. Sadly, it is usually the dealer, who players will believe have more power than they actually do.

The truth is that dealers are under intense scrutiny and must abide by the strictest rules of conduct and protocols for the game. Therefore, there really isn’t any rule for them to twist things in your favor or the house’s favor. They follow the rules of the game and the rest is up to luck.

Myth #7 – You Can’t Win Twice in a Row at the Same Slot Game

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We all love the incredible feeling of getting big payout at a slot game. So much, that there is a myth that this never occurs twice in a row or within a short time period on the same game. This is why when you’re inside of a casino, you will see people become very territorial in the game they’re playing. Unless they have just won on it.

This is just another false believe that the results of each spin in slots is not random. Basically, hitting a jackpot doesn’t mean there isn’t still a chance you can win again if you keep playing the same game. However, if you have won, it’s probably a good idea to stop and keep your money. Rather than risk it again and end up losing it all back to the casino.


Determining what’s true and what’s false will help you to improve your chances of actually winning money. Most importantly, having the right information about the games you’re playing will help you to focus on what really matters. So that you’ll be a better player overall.